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Modern Barn

A rectangular, longitudinal projection, gable roof, usually a wooden construction-are the main features of a house inspired by a barn. And although the barn is associated at the first moment with economic and rural buildings, the modern single family houses are being designed more often. In opposition to popular manor houses with catalogues of finished projects arise homes enchanting rural style and simplicity. Although classic barns were usually built on brick planks, contemporary counterparts are produced from the finest materials and modern technologies.

Building a house in such a form seems to be inexpensive, there is no need for complicated construction or fancy roof, which often inflate the cost of investment. Saved money can be spent on tune building in terms of details. Designers compete in ideas for functional and courageous solutions. No one is surprised by the great glazing, open spaces or exposed lathing roof. The interior of such a barn gives a huge field to show architects and lovers of the recently popular Scandinavian style. Barn House is the best part of course in the rural landscape, regardless of geographical location, but for the proper exposition requires a sizable space around. It's hard to imagine this type of building in a cramped urban structure. Modern barn is certainly the perfect solution for lovers of simplicity and good design.