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"The Mirror"-King Vidor. How to transform business and private life easily to a new level

This article appeared in a collection of articles from the years. 40 and. 50 titled Words to Live By. Alludes to something that I think is the most important thing for a network marketer and a total of every man on this planet. Well, it alludes to the fact that we are the artists of our own lives. This means that we can create them according to our own terms. As? There is one simple thing. Read this short article…


— King Wallis Vidor,
Producer and director

"The world is a mirror showing every reflection of his own face. Make a nadąsaną mine, and the world will respond to you bleak, unfriendly sight. Laugh at him and with him together, and it will prove to be a pleasant and cheerful companion. "~ William Makepeace Thackeray

Many years had to pass before I found the courage to admit to myself that we, me, all around, we our own reality.

I came to this in a very simple way. Since I am a Kalifornijczykiem, I travel quite often to New York. I do not know why, but internally wmówiłem that all NYPD taxi drivers are impatient, gderliwi or hate their work. The same hotel staff and ferries. In fact, it was always difficult for me to get along with them.

Finally one day in New York I came across the words of Thackeray. Even on the same day, when the cabbie and I warczeliśmyed one on another, I thought to myself, "Hmm, do all this sick situation actually can be the result of my thinking, my inner world view, and the approach to people?"

Soon I decided to take my idea Thackeray to heart. It didn't last long until it became a part of my nature, my "me." The result: On the next trip to the east, I have not met a single unpleasant taxi driver, elevator operator or employee. Something definitely changed. New York? HMM, maybe I? The answer was clear to me.

Abandoning the excuses for their own shortcomings is like traveling to a distant country where everything is new and weird. You can't blame anybody or anything for any failure or difficulty. There is no other option, as soon as you take responsibility for everything on yourself. Of course, the external factors affect our lives, but they do not control it. Assuming that it's different, it's a dial-up, it's so easy to say, "but that's not my fault…"

Since that day, in New York City, I have gained a profound conviction that this concept is the foundation of all human relationships. It does not matter whether the person is your neighbor, mother-in-law or business partner. Always the quickest way to improve someone's attitude is to improve your own.

Don't believe the word that it is. Just try this little change. Can transform life to a new level. In addition, it gives a lot of fun with people.

— King Wallis Vidor, producer, film director



Czyi in short: The external world is a reflection of the inner.

Take a look at your life. How does it look? How much do you earn? What are your contacts with friends? With partners? What is your mood every day? The answer to these questions betrays what Skrywasz in the middle.

Because it is impossible to see a defect in the other person if we do not have it in ourselves. It is impossible to hardly tie end-to-end if we do not have an inner feeling that we are not financially arranging. Finally, it is impossible to fail in business if we do not believe that we do not deal with these blocks.

It's just like you can't understand Greek if you don't know Greek. You have to be able to learn this language — have it in your mind — to understand Greek!

Therefore, all you understand "outside" must understand "inside" first. There is no other option. If you're mentally poor, you can't be practically rich. and logically the opposite: if you're practically poor, you can't be mentally rich. It is simply not possible, just as it is impossible to understand the Greek if you are not familiar with Greek.

therefore! Whenever you encounter something that you do not like in life; Something that about you — just look inside yourself. This applies to personal life and… or perhaps above all… working life. Your business. Your work. What you do in everyday care.

I wish you success (as most often)