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Zainteresowałam the last method of Silva. It enjoys great popularity, is being promoted in dozens of countries around the world, including Poland.

My knowledge about this is not staggering, it is only the beginning of the adventure with this method, but I wanted to show you how easy and quick way you can help yourself in the various problems.

You've probably read about various methods of meditation or visualization, but this is really simple. Today I helped to avoid the tablets of abdominal pain, which can happen every woman about every month. My ailment is that usually the first day is very painful to me, and the pain pills I swallow in huge amounts, otherwise I would not get of bed.

But like everything in the universe, it had its cause. I believe that in healthy conditions this should not cause such problems. I believe that this has its origin in the unpleasant mental experiences that have been created for me, and probably in many other women, the pain that zwalas from the legs.

I decided to check the Silva method.

I put myself during the day on a hammock warm from the sun, and I counted quietly from one hundred to the first. It has already caused a slow "fall in itself". This can be a bit problematic if you are experiencing this pain at the moment you try to relax. The natural reflex in this case is resistance and tension. But it can be done.

Then I moved into my quiet place. It is usually a land filled with beauty of nature. I love szemrzące streams, grass green, wooden footbridges and meadows shrouded flowers. More or less, it usually looks.

Then I began to imagine that my underbelle fills the beautiful light that heals this place, relaxes the muscles and relievess the pain. By the way, I was able to find the source of my loss in the past: no sense of acceptance and support that every ripening woman certainly needs.

Then I told myself that now my body is fully healthy, and when I get to five, it will be still doskonalszym. Once, two, three… Again, I repeated my affirmation and przysięgłam that when I awaken to five, I will be full of energy. Four, five… I opened my eyes and felt it was actually much better.

By the end of the day the pain was scrolling from time to time. It didn't disappear like a touch of a magic wand, but it was much smaller and rarer. I did not have to cram another dose of no-Spy or other cite.

I am convinced that by repeating this exercise, I can heal myself because I was able to do this after the first time. Each of us can. Try and you.


Archived Comments:


Today's article blew me into a state of emotion and brought at the same time a sense of empathy and relief.
Throughout the years, from the very first moment of "entering the land of womanhood", symbolically opening the first menstrual period, przeżywałam veritable torture in connection with this monthly "natural, physiological process".
This has been the case for almost twenty years.
Entering the path of spiritual development began in my life the processes of change in each of its fields. After years of feminine suffering, I began to approach the source of cognition, knowledge and absolute truth, which gradually reveals to me all the mechanisms, dependencies and energetic warps acting In this area of experience of reality.
I discovered, like you, Andżeliko that, as you, "the lack of sense of acceptance and support that every ripening woman needs" and, in his wake, the subconscious, persistent denying of her femininity, led to the blockage Energy. In the sacral chakra and the base chakra, and as a result to unnatural, monthly turbulence. In my case, the sensational effects, in addition to the systematic reprogramming of the subconscious meditation and the afirmowaniem of new, healthy beliefs, brought about the use of little yoga fingers, namely the technique of Mudras.
The monthly nightmare is slowly going into oblivion, but I am sure to try the Silva methods to support the healing process, because we are constantly on the go and the evolution of life continues and there is no question of rest on our laurels!:-)
I thank you wholeheartedly for moving this very important topic. Every voice of truth on the cure of our hearts and bodies from the falsehoods of the once accepted beliefs is invaluable!
I wish you and all women who have already moved their beliefs to the Rainbow Kingdom of Universal love, the happy way. And those who still suffer to them to go out to meet the cure.
All wonderful!


Jena, thank you for such a beautiful word. Your comment is quietly suited for a great article!

I think I know the reason I'm experiencing is always painfully. Just when I needed any comments from the fact that something was happening to me and it was no wonder, no one was saying anything, he told me nothing. This would not have been informative – rather I knew everything about it, but it was a mere support, and in general the words of explanation and acceptance. Whatever!

About Irionio, the only thing I heard is from my dad who just stated that if I ache my ovaries, I will have a period. All about it.

I think that just this pain is subconsciously punishing myself, for I am a physiologically mature woman, which in my opinion somewhere deeply hidden-is bad.

As far as yoga is concerned, I have not heard such a method. They also supposedly help herbs. :D

Thank you again for your comment, is full of gentleness and love.
Cordially greet!