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Good numbers from birth!
Numerological vibrations are not falling from the sky


The strongest need of every single is to be pioneer. If you are not born as the first child of your parents, the end of life feels injured by a mischievous fate and unanticipated mommy. Henceforth, her vital task is to prove to the whole world that in every other respect the wields palm of precedence. In addition to wybujałą ambition, nature does not endowed it too generous, so it must deal with various catwalks and piercing forces, based mainly on the cheeks and almost fists. To the goal of the corpses, not bothering with diplomacy or fair play. In case of disagreement, he skillfully uses his sześciostrzałowyming gift of persuasion, inherited from the grandfather-military.

The life of the two consists of apologizing to the dead. Coming to the world, with all the forces trying to shrink to the size of Thumbelina relatively Tomcia toe, so as to least damage mommy, by the way of carefully coding in the subconscious, that it is too big/too small/too thick/too thin, disharmonious, Awkward and generally a pokraczna, blaming your favorite victim's appearance, that is, yourself. He usually does not realize his chronic guilt, but if one day, with horror, he discovers it in himself, he will immediately feel guilty, that he feels should.

The basic activity of three from an early age is olśniewanie others and shine on their background. If he believes that assist in her birth is not large enough, her gardziołko can easily give a yelling, which in this hospital has not heard, and once it is in the center of attention of all the staff, with Sprzątaczkami and Porter Including, satisfied with the effect of Trójeczka blissfully falls asleep, memorizing a nice feeling already forever.

Life is for four arduous harówka, whereby the help of others is not to count, because only spaprają each robot and still brazenly sprzątną Laura before the four nose. The term of your own childbirth foursome is therefore calculated more precisely than the unlearned gynecologist Mommy, and at the time of leaving the safe belly, precisely set the head forward, it is known that these matoły, there outside, do not cope From a non-textbook birth, and a small Czwóreczka does not intend to risk incurring the consequences of their inept partaniny.

The five comes to the world first of all to have fun. Dwoi and Troi, so as not to miss any of this occasion, and the only targająca of five Rozterka is whether to have any of the events on which it does not appear to be better than the one on which it is. In tummy mommy her too cramped and too boring, so I eagerly drilling in it, spins and kicks until she gets into the beneficial idea to get out on this intriguingly noisy world earlier than she had determined is ślamazarna mother-nature. Satisfied with the feat, ripens comfortably in a small, cozy inkubatorku and through the glass kryguje and tuned faces to podziwiającej her medical-nursing audience, on the occasion of coding in the subconscious that life is a scene, and Piąteczka it Star.

The six is in the padół to announce what he has to say, and that there is not enough, he knows that there is no time to lose. Immediately after birth, after the first recipe Klapsie, takes up the air in a non-accustomed lungs, but it does not, however, to seem senselessly screaming and szlochy like the other child, but in order that in a special speech, to announce to the world their Arrival. At first, it is somewhat zniecierpliwiona to nieudolnościąe their vocal chords, language, and other speech organs, which, instead of transmitting what the little six have to communicate, produce some nearer unidentified sounds. Quickly, however, calms her reaction of nice ladies and gentlemen in the green Wdziankach, who hear her "butt butt błe Błe" seem delighted, although none of this delightful babbling understand can not. Nevertheless, the application is obvious for a small six: the meaning of words is not counted, but their quantity and the mouth of it does not close.

Throughout his life, seven tries to fathom what is the mystery of human life and Doszukuje Transcendentalnego second DNA in the gray Garze of everyday life. In order not to miss or touch the experience of his birth, he comes to the world in aura maximum concentration, realizing that the more he will remember now, the less wybuli in the future, psychiatrists, rebirtheroms and hypnotists for helping to react Childbirth shock. Sam takes a deep breath and gives a first cry to signal that all the game and no physical violence in the form of nursing slap will not be needed. Since the maternity assist responds as it should be, a small seven concludes that the conscious action avoids nasty collection letters from the outside world and then to the end of his life he chases with his destiny, trying to fathom the spiritual meaning of each Events and forestall wredną a fortune before it could knock its thick pipe.

Eights are not interested in exaggerating stability, although sundry and to the pretends that it is consistently striving for it. His way of life is not in the queue narrow, pending lazily from ignition to ignition, but rather in the runaway rollercoaster, which brilliantly conquers peaks, it falls into the deep pits, in the heat of an acute driving forward without noticing Unfortunately, it revolves over and over again. When it comes to the time of her coming to the world, the eight clamps piąstki, bite Usteczka and compress to the right moment to catapult yourself from the belly of mommy directly in the cover of a midwife, who, infected with a powerful impetus, lands on a neighboring wall. Satisfied with a successful leap bungy, small eight remember that only the maximum involvement in any project guarantees a satisfactory biopsy effect, which does not leave no doubt to anyone who rules here.

Nine do not just come to the world, but rather to descends it, to henceforth guide the dark humanity with its clear example and outstanding charisma. As a unique persona, the little Nine expects a special character, budding her birth, so long waited to leave the cieplutkiego belly Mommy, until, to her satisfaction, the doctor zgotuje her imperial adoption, or At least he beats the black robot, provoking childbirth. The Mile Połechtana Dziewiąteczka graciously allows you to take to the light of the day, where in the royal aura of Dostojeństwa, generously accepts the words of rapture of all gathered, asking by the way that if only odwlekasz something Long enough, someone will eventually do it for you.

The above excerpts come from the book "Good number!" © Copyright by Ryszard Oślizło 2005
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