The importance of gemstones in finance

Stones that attract to US wealth and success in business, are mostly those with a green or brownish gold hue.
To Mineral is also called a "cat's Eye". It has a beautiful gold-brown hue. It protects against unexpected business losses and helps to maintain financial stability. It also takes care to find cash for contingencies.
This green or turquoise, slightly transparent mineral will protect the owner from financial troubles and make the money themselves garnąć. It is good to have it with you while you are conducting business negotiations. It will take care of it if you put it on a heartfelt finger of your left hand. After the negotiation is complete, put the ring into the heartfelt piles right.
If you don't like framed stones and don't wear rings to attract wealth, wear a chryzoprazu in the left pocket of the jacket.
Another stone attracting money is peridot. It has a beautiful transparent green tone. It is worth to wear it in the earrings, but if this is not possible then its power will work even if we carry it with you without any housing.
olKamień translucent, with an orange golden hue. Attracts honest contractors and makes it ineasy to deceive us.
stone which will help change the patterns that we have in ourselves and it is not only financial, but also other negative, disturbing in life.
Meditate on holding a lump of bronzytu in your hands.
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