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Almost all of us dream about their four corners. But are these times easy to build a house or buy a house already standing? Just building or finding a house for sale is relatively easy in relation to where to take the money. Here the question is born. Construction without credit, or can it however take credit for the house? Big banks offer a huge amount of loans or loans. Nevertheless, many people decide to build a home with their own savings.

But is it really profitable?
For some payback sometimes over half of the loan taken is IE to bear. They claim that this blatant fraud and theft and never in life will not take a mortgage. However, there is also the other side of the coin. Do we decide to build without the credit we need during its lifetime to live somewhere?

We often live with my parents and put out how much you can on your account. But is it really the end of our lives? Leaving every penny just to not give two or three zlotys to the bank and to live in his own way?

Sometimes it happens that we rent an apartment, and then it is evident that we pay a break for our landlord, who either postpones it on holiday or pays his credit.

In such a case, it seems illogical not to seek credit for the house and peacefully dwell in his dream four walls, off though much more, but living as we want, and above all in the place where we want.