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The Idea of a passive house, popular in the west of Europe, is slowly becoming a desirable standard in Poland as well. For generations, our compatriots first put on "solid" construction structures, and buildings traditionally erected, while retaining their "reliability", were not friendly portfolios of their owners.

It seems that new fashion for energy-efficient houses, including passive houses, which reaches our homeland will change people's approach as well as construction companies to create new buildings.

More and more architectural companies are creating projects of homes that meet the energy-saving standards, which are strictly suitable for passive and energy-efficient homes, and more and more private clients and developers in these projects are interested in . However, the greatest skepticism is the adaptation of these types of houses to our Polish climate. Here, experts have no doubt-the information that energy-efficient homes do not work in the pretty harsh climate of our country is baloney.

Building from prefabricated materials makes both the construction itself and, above all, the cost of the passive house to be significantly lower, creating a better alternative to traditional Polish construction.