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There is one law that governs our life, which I believe is the law of Attraction, which at a glance says that everything in your life we are attracting ourselves to ourselves. Yes, at first it seems odd but it is. We do this through your thoughts and feelings. It works regardless of whether you believe it or not. Therefore, it seems sensible to know his rules, realize the processes that govern him in order to attract to his life what you really want. Everything in the universe is energy that moves, attracts, and stacks up. Also our thoughts can be measured. They have their frequency. It is important to tune the frequency of your thoughts to the frequency of the universe to get what you want and what is good for us. For some it may seem strange, how can I attract all of this? After all, who wants all these bad things for themselves? “… because they met me, what I lękał, I was afraid, and yet it came…” That is why it is so important to have a positive attitude to attract only good. The positive attitudes are probably all manuals of psychology and self-improvement and self-motivation. I am not an authority in this area but you can read that our brain works in two areas: conscious and subconscious. It is this second area that is responsible for what we get in life. The subconscious is neutral, it creates what its podsuwasz. What we think in our conscious mind is what we receive in our subconscious, and hence also in our lives. Who is more interested in the functioning of the various areas of our mind found in the literature.