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How often have you been disappointed that people do not see a chance in your cooperation offer? How often surprised you that you are not aware of the possibilities inherent in network marketing? And how often have you asked yourself: Why is that?

Probably often. You see, all these questions are coming from one simple thing: apparently as an entrepreneur or a future entrepreneur, you don't quite understand human nature yet. Not quite yet you know what motivates your potential partners and customers to act that you wished for. As a result, an inner feeling is born that you may not be sufficiently "informed."

This article is to supplement this vulnerability. Thanks to him, I hope to understand when people voluntarily want to cooperate with you, and if not, what they are stopping before that is to remove and leave the door open. All I will try to discuss in the context of the sale.

Let's say a man has something you would like to have. How can you get it? What should you do to gain an Exchange (transaction)? Discover it in a few examples…

Someone has a mansion that you would like to have you. How can You "collect" it? Excluding possible theft and remaining on voluntary exchange? On common sense, there is only one way: You must offer the owner in return something that he cherishes more than his estate. Then there will be an exchange of skin, from which you will receive the mansion you wanted to have.

Another example. If you would like to work for your employer, how can you get a seat? Offering his time and effort, and the skills that he and his companies have greater value than the salary they would have to pay you monthly.

And how, for example, induce someone to spend time with you? You want to be confide and want someone to listen to you. In such a situation, it is best if you show in some way that spending a certain time with you is more attractive or profitable than doing other things at the moment.

Going to the most interesting, how do you sell? Naturally, you need to offer a potential customer something that you desire and need more than the money you wish. (Remembering that money is its resources, which are limited. As previously discovered, no one consciously manages his resources in a way that diminishes his satisfaction and happiness.)

Common denominator

What do these different examples have in common?

In each of them, in order for the transaction to come to fruition, you offer to the other man something which lies in his immediate interest — the exchange which he gains. Otherwise you will not agree to your offer. Why not? Because no one is coerced to buy or make exchanges! Every person buys only when he wants to buy. And he wants only when the purchase is profitable for him — where profitable means one that will increase his satisfaction for a shorter or longer time, likewise the happiness that every human being desires. knowingly or not.

So the basic question that every salesperson and MLM trader should bet is as follows: Is this what I offer my audience profitable for him? If so, what exactly is gaining? How do you improve your life? How do you make it happy and satisfy?

Then and only then you can move to action — when you understand how much your bid means to your potential buyer or business partner. If you do not fully understand what you are giving, what miracle would you like to understand the potential recipient?

Surprise: You don't need to speak

Your vital task is to show him the benefits of your offer. Do not persuade, not persuade, but show how it will improve his life — why the changes that await him are profitable for him, where profit means enlarging his finite resources (time, money, energy, health, fortune) and, in effect, Increased satisfaction and happiness. For all that we do is aimed at satisfaction and happiness and peace and harmony.

In turn, if the exchange or offer you want to make is profitable and profitable only for you, then there will be no transaction, sale or partnership.

To receive something, you have to give something. This is not necessarily something to be tangible. It is to be simply profitable at this or a different angle for the other man, and above all lie on the horizon of his desires or normal needs. But that's not all. This thing must also have a higher value for another man than what you ask him in return.

therefore! How do you gain in exchange or trade with another person? Your profit is a reward for meeting the desire or need of someone else. Give others what they want, and they will give you what you want you.

Enchantment with a hat? Not…

If you could create everything you thought about yourself, you would not have the slightest reason to meet the needs of other people. But since there are things you desire, but which you do not conjure with your hat, you remain nothing else than to satisfy others (without associations) to get what you desire.

In fact, you personally do not create up to 0.1% of what you want from life. The lion part of your desires is accomplished by exchanging with the other person for whom you are a customer. So you are dependent on having to meet the needs of other people to get and receive what you desire and what you want to have. You have to make happy and satisfy other people in order to get what you make happy and satisfy you.

Evidence? Yes — but pay attention to how many people around this obviousness come. The darkest under the lantern as they say. By the way, I was reminded of the cool words of Walt Whitman: "The truth is simple. If it were complicated, everyone would he it. "

Indeed, most retailers-Świeżynek and not only start with quite advanced things. From sales techniques. But what about the devil are these techniques, while we do not understand human nature? While we omit the most important? It's like going to a high school with no primary school.

Lost indifference

Back to the topic. 99 at 100 sellers and traders and network marketers remain indifferent to the needs and desires of people, not realizing that those just desires and needs are levels to their own career and success.

Turning point: Since your profit is a reward for satisfying the desires and needs of others, then the more and better you meet them, the more you gain! As a salesperson or businessman, the amount of your profits depends directly on your ability to meet the needs and desires of people with whom you are in contact through your marketing.

Isn't it exciting and at the same time the best way out? The better you satisfy others, the bigger your profits…

The above "meter" works in your life, regardless of the nature of the profit you're looking for, whether you like it or not. Like everyone on this planet, you're in a position where you have to settle and make other people happy if you want to get what you want to gain: buy or sell… hire or be hired… to lend something to someone or to yourself… invite to your business Do you enter into a business someone else…

F. Leroy Hill, a successful producer, summed up the financial gain: "Income is a measure of the aid you offer to others."

This means that your current finances express how far you have served other people — in terms of their standards, their values, their desires, and their needs. Keep in mind that happiness and satisfaction are absolutely relative. What you seem to be good for another man, in practice, doesn't have to have anything to do with reality, because you look through the prism of your own standards, your own values, your own desires, and your needs. You have to turn around and focus not on yourself, but on your potential client or partner. Then there is a chance to penetrate his heart and mind and understand what he wants to later toss him. If Podsuwasz something he wants, he will definitely take it.

Please also note that I am not saying that the secret of selling and winning in business is to care for other people, or that it is more ethical than cheap techniques. I mean something completely deeper: it's the life fact that if you do not make you happy and do not satisfy others, then there is no chance that you trust them and enter into cooperation with you, buy a product or order a service-under any conditions.