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If you like reading books in the evenings, do you know that you owe it to a man named Thomas A. Edison? He created the first practical electric light in the world. I wonder only if you know that Edison very early out from school when his teacher stated that he has a "dim" Mind and is incapable of sober thinking?

The teacher's opinion meant that Edison criticized another person, saying that he was not quite good enough to finish even elementary school. Worse, the person was a great authority in the eyes of Thomas. Question: Where would we be today if Edison believed these words and reconciled with the opinion?

Fortunately for him and the whole world, Edison stated that he would decide what he would do and how his life would look like. Thanks to the many adversities, Edison discovered something that the school would never have learned. Firstly, he discovered that this is not a mind that controls him, but he controls the mind — and consequently he can use it to do what he wants to do — to achieve his goal.

Secondly, he discovered that he could derive knowledge from other people who specialize in the areas he needed to achieve this goal. (technical knowledge, purely scientific.)

As a result, using the potential of his "przyćmionego" mind, he invented not only an electric lamp, but a lot of other life-enhancing objects. He understood that the mind is limitless and that no one outside of it has any control over it… he understood that he could learn from many others, often zdolniejszych people, not just teachers at school.

So we come to a simple application…

Never think that you are not quite good,
To achieve the goal you want to achieve

If someone tells you that you are missing something to achieve your goal, then this is a lie. If you wmawiasz yourself that something is missing, this is an excuse.

Whether you want to develop business or act as a freelancer or anyone, first of all understand that you have what you need (the mind you can control) and that formal education has absolutely no meaning. What matters is your determination, the decisiveness and the approach with which you are taking on your life and business.



I have to agree with one – everything is in our head. But it also has a big influence on the outside, but not in the sense that we look like a dense dog. Much depends on the environment in which we operate. For example, say officials-I have a few friends who have chosen to work in official units after the administration. Generally – a tragedy, an environment that immediately tells you that you are working here so that you do not work. In the first work everyone should be surrounded by people for whom development is the path to success, rather than "Overpoverty" 35 years without self-satisfaction. I wish everyone to have a chance to show at work – it also builds mental strength and motivation.
Thanks for the alert, I read with interest


Everything depends on who we listen to and what we believe, because, from a certain point of view, for our mind or otherwise, the subconscious-indifferent is what kind of belief we introduce for it, it's just as easy to guide us when we believe that We are good and when we do not believe.

That is why it is so important to purify themselves from negative and entrenched beliefs