How to manifest Spiritual Protection

We live in a time in which widespread and intense attacks on our mental energy are visible. The
intertwined system of various harmful frequencies is intentionally directed at human minds and thus
makes people addicted to the consuming physicality of life.

What’s more, although it may be hard to believe, we are surrounded by toxic people who also deliberately destroy our lives only to increase
their position and energy. They exhaust us during the day and during our sleep. That’s why we also
need to focus on opposing these attacks and reinforcing the repelling energy of our field.

Bet on awareness

Attacks on psychic energy are dangerous to us only when we lose our consciousness and start losing
control over our lives.

Therefore, when fending off such attacks, you must become unimportant for your tormentors – do
not fall into fear or panic and at the same time you must increase your awareness.
Accept what is happening around you, allow the threat to your consciousness and gradually acquire
new layers of resistance to psychic attacks.

Get to know your personal limitations

Accept the fact that every intervention in the fight for strengthening your field teaches you
something about yourself.

It reveals your own attachments, trauma and karma, because that is what the attacks on your mental
energy are striking.
Your weaknesses are a place where light can come in.
Therefore, you must learn to cross barriers and work with your limitations which block you from
repelling negative energy.

Reclaim your sovereignty

The fight against attacks on psyching energy requires us to regain sovereignty in our lives.
Therefore, take some time to lie down, rest and scan your field.
If you feel a buzzing or vibration in your head, pulsing at the temples or the site of the third eye,
nausea in the solar plexus, pressure in the abdomen, an exhausted feeling; without energy and a
state of general fatigue, you will know that bad energy still accompanies you.
Meditation and relaxation techniques will allow you to slowly remove these elements and regain

Become a warrior

The more attention you bring to your field, the more likely you are to feel the subtle signs of
withdrawal of bad energy from psychic attacks faster.
Therefore, start using your intuition and free will to fight them. Recognize energy that does not
belong to you and does not serve you
Without anger, judgment and resentment, start pushing it out of your field. You must become a
You can use specific meditation techniques, Tai Chi or just a strong, energetic dance.

Stay grounded

Make sure that by fighting all adversities, you remain grounded and that your energy does not leave
your body or isn’t rising to the higher chakras.
Bring positive energy to your body through your feet. Touching the ground with bare feet makes us
draw energy from it, which greatly affects our body, leaving it in good health, both physically and

Create a holy space

Protection against an attack on our psychic energy requires us to have a place that will become our
sacred space.
It is in this sacred space that we will be able to cut ourselves off from the world, relax and quietly
strengthen our field.
It is best to find such a place at home, away from all electronics, your router sending Wi-Fi signals
and other disturbing devices that can send energy signals.

Remember about dieting

You are what you eat. Remember that a bad diet lowers your vibrations and makes you susceptible
to all sorts of attacks.
Exclude fast food and other carcinogens from your diet.
Make sure that products that clean up your organism and give you energy are included in your daily
You can also always us a few simple, proven ways to raise your own vibrations, which will allow you
to enjoy not only greater resistance to attacks on your mental energy but also harmonious health
and good physical and mental condition

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