How to Manifest Love

Love will come to us when we ourselves become love.

Love – just like the rest of the universe is
subject to the law of attraction. In turn the Law of Attraction says that we attract what is on the same
frequency that we are on. So if your assumptions about relationships revolve around unhealthy,
painful and hurtful conclusions, it’s a sign that you think about love the wrong way – you are not
love, because if you were, then the love would come to you. So how to attract love?
We attract people who vibrate at a similar level to ours. Our auras touch each other (you can read
more about the aura here and here) and we know that we want to meet this person, spend more
time with them, maybe we already know we want to start a family at first sight. If you are faithful to
your thinking, you are entitled to one partner – you get one person, that hides in the form of
different people. Have your relationships so far not been surprisingly similar? Maybe you keep
stumbling upon “crazy people”, maybe you keep coming across the same assholes. Well, welcome to
reality – we attract such people because of ourselves. There is no way to create a relationship, which
will be something other than our own relationship with ourselves.
However, when we change the way we think, miracles happen. To apply the Law of Attraction to our
interpersonal relationships, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps.

Note number one – in theory the instructions are simple, but in practice it will cost you some time
and perseverance. It is definitely easier to apply this when trying to find a partner is the main
objective that’s in your head. – if you do not wind up looking for love, it’s much easier to tune
yourself to the right frequency. In a state of insecurity, the Law of Attraction also works – it just gives
you more sense of absence. Simple.
Note number two – we cannot attract a specific person. We are attracting a specific relationship. We
have no right to influence other people’s decisions (free will), so we have a duty to respect their

Step one – reconcile with the pastThe Law of Attraction works always, regardless of whether you use it and whether you tolerate it. It
just is, like the law of gravity. Following this path, your past and interpersonal relationships that have
occurred in your life so far, are simply a reflection of what was inside you at a given time. You attract
people who are compatible at the moment. If you change the vibration, you stop being compatible.
Accept this, take note and make sure to sort out the thoughts in your mind related to interpersonal
Step two – you have to know what you want
Your intentions play the main role in the Law of Attraction. It if difficult to attract something that we
do not know how it looks/works/smells. That’s why when we want to attract a partner, we have to
know what they have to be like. We are not attracting a specific person – we are creating a list of
features and behaviors, which we want to find in our partner. To make it easier, we can start a thin
notebook in which we describe our dream partner for a while. However, it is worth giving yourself a

time limit – a few days – up to a week. Making a decision as to who we want in our lives is extremely
important. Intentions must be well-defined, without any hesitation or question marks. Otherwise,
the Universe goes crazy because the order has not been placed correctly.
Step three – allow yourself to love
Contrary to what is commonly believed, the subconscious does not need to go through a long
process to change something. It’s a matter of decision, one “click” in your head. Opening to love is
not many weeks of meditation, it is just making a hard, irrevocable decision. I am open to love –
that’s it. It is very possible that before you are able to open up to love you will be forced to change
some programs that are in your head: What is a relationship for you? What does a relationship look
like in your world? What relationship did your parents create? Just look at the answers to know how
much the conviction of the subconscious is far from what you want now. And it’s up to you to
eliminate the distance.
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Step four – tuning yourself
You have to tune in to your partner. The person you want probably does not fit into your life right
now. But that’s just fine – all you need is to know that you will have to work on yourself a bit to
become a suitable partner for them. Create a life that will be compatible with the life of the person
you want. Think about what you can do to jump to their frequency. Relax, if you have no idea, then
after passing the previous points, the Universe will lead you in the direction of events that will make
you adjust your vibration to what you want. So your task is not to disturb it, and follow it’s lead
Step five – love yourself
The fourth step will certainly take a while, so instead of sitting around and looking (which will only
extend the time of the Universe’s work) focus on yourself. If you create a so-called excessive
potential, the Universe will lead you along a complex, winding road, until you finally balance your
needs. Create a person that you will be proud of. Love yourself – thanks to your love, it will be easier
for you to create a healthy relationship with another person. When you are not looking for a patch
for your wounds or filling in gaps, you can lead a wonderful, fulfilled and happy life alongside a
person who is also happy and fulfilled. Emotional maturity and the sense of one’s own mission in life
is something that helps to create and preserve in a happy relationship with another human being. Do
not skip this point, because its implementation raises your vibration and accelerates the work of the
Step six – trust life
When you have followed the previous steps or are in the middle of the fifth point – begin to trust
your life. You must believe that your subconscious does everything to bring you towards your goal.

You must know that the Law of Attraction works – you are waiting for your order, that’s all. No
doubt, no mood swings, no depressive states and no sense of absence. You are in the process of
attracting love, you are in the process of creating yourself and your life that will be in harmony of the
man or woman you want in your life. Develop yourself, focus on yourself and just wait.
Love comes when you expect it the least, and very often – from a rational point of view – also in the
least appropriate. It could happen tomorrow, in a month or next year. Do not look, but be sensitive
towards signs. The Universe knows what it’s doing.


Manifest Love

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