How to manifest good luck and success?

Many people wonder how to insert happiness and success into their lives. This is a very common
topic of consideration. No wonder, since we all want to be happy.
My friends tell me: you have so much luck, or: how come luck is always on your side. Indeed, my life
can sometimes be arranged very nicely. As if an invisible hand was steering my fate towards the most
positive direction. Sometimes I wonder what the source of this luck is and where else it will lead me
in the future.
Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. The lives of these people seem to be a
series of unexplained coincidences that usually result in a happy end to many things. Even those that
are seemingly hopeless.
How do they do it? What is the secret to the fortunes of these chosen ones? Perhaps you think that
they have something which you lack. Perhaps you have tried to find a way to attract luck, but only
caused yourself further trouble.
Fortunately, there is advice for that. There are many ideas on how to attract luck towards your life.
One of the most effective ones is something that I call “developing the habit of lucky flukes“ . It’s
about changing the way you think and act, thanks to which you are able to get the most out of life.

11 ways to attract luck
Below are eleven ways to attract luck. You can use them without hindrance in everyday life. They are
easy to apply, effecting and usually don’t need any large investment. Try to use them and throw
away your bad luck.

1. Symbols of luck
Some people attribute huge power to them, others consider it as an ordinary superstition. Is it
possible for a four leaf clover or a horseshoe to bring luck to anyone? These things can certainly work
as a placebo.
If you are convinced of their influence, you will subconsciously proceed in a more favorable to you
way. This will have a positive impact on your life. Symbols are inspiring and uplifting for many people.
Properly used, these symbols can invigorate the spirit.
In religion and politics this dependence has been known for centuries – hierarchs and rulers are
scrupulously using it. Thanks to this, they can gain control over the social masses. Many of us have no
idea how easy it is to manipulate another human being.
2. Lucky numbers

There are many reasons why numbers are considered lucky. This is dependent on a given culture and
tradition, and one can usually find a specific explanation of their wonderful properties. In our culture
a lucky number would be seven. Even the ancient Greeks considered it as perfect, because it is the
sum of three (triangle) and four (square). The number seven is found in many aspects of our reality,
for example: days of the week, colors of the rainbow (also a symbol of happiness), the seven
In China, eight is a number considered as lucky. This is because in Chinese the word for the number
eight sounds very much like the word for prosperity. In addition, the number eight consists of two
identical curves, which gives it a very balanced character. We all know, that harmony and balance are
the basic ingredients of a happy life. So it is not surprising that this is the way the Chinese see the
number eight.
3. The joy of life
Have you ever asked yourself why you want to be lucky? Will it provide you with success, assist you
in finding love, or maybe something else? Or maybe it will simply improve your mood?
In my opinion, this can work both ways, on the basis of feedback. If you want to be lucky, learn to
enjoy life as it is now. Even if you were born unlucky. In your subconscious, new ways of thinking and
behavior will arise, that over time will lead you among a more lucky path.
Things which are similar attract each other. So if you want to have more luck, you have to start by
being more lucky. It may sound a bit unclear, but It really works. I’m a great proof of that.
4. Honesty
People lie – this is a very common phenomenon. We will not eliminate this from our lives. What’s
more, cheaters never prosper and the truth will usually come to light. If you want to be more lucky,
try to be a honest person. Such conduct naturally attracts people who will be more positive towards
Happy events in your life depend to a large extent on people whom you keep in touch with.
Therefore, building positive relationships is important. Thanks to being open you can do this. More
than that, you can go a step further and be honest also with yourself. This brings great effects.
5. Acceptance of failures
All misfortunes and failures have a role in your life. Do not reject them and do not blame anyone for
them. Treat them as a lesson and try to be a better person. Whenever you don’t succeed, it doesn’t
mean that you ran out of luck. There will be another opportunity. Failure is only information about
mistakes that you have made. You just have to remember to avoid them next time.
6. Don’t talk badly about other people.
Apart from the fact that it is unkind, remember that the person you are slandering may turn out to
be someone who can lead you to achieving something wonderful. Common sense requires that you
keep your lounge in check. You never know who in the future will turn out to be your greatest ally.
7. Don’t wait

Do not wait for a stroke of luck or an exceptionally good opportunity to use. They do not always
appear out of nowhere. Instead, try to be optimistic and create favorable conditions for yourself to
achieve your goals. People tend to avoid negative and difficult experiences, but then reaching
happiness may become even less likely. There simply are not enough circumstances to get it.
8. Expect victory
The first step to winning is to expect victory. Thanks to that you will keep the motivation to act; you
won’t give up in the face of failure.
9. Intuition
People with developed intuition know how many things in life can be made easier thanks to it. You
can avoid many dangers (I have experienced this many times) or help you make more favorable
decisions, thanks to which achieving happiness is much easier.
10. Feng Shui
Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of arranging your environment and surroundings, aimed at
achieving balance, health and even happiness. Some reject Feng Shui as a superstition, but the
principles of this art can really help you to be more productive and focused on your work, leading to
a calmer and more positive attitude towards life.
11. Spirituality
Many people, wanting to increase their luck, turn towards a higher power (eg. God). Some will say a
prayer before buying their lottery ticket. It may be wrong to ask God for specific things, but ask any
religious person if they’ve ever done it.
The question remains: does it work? I can write with a clear conscience that yes, it does work. I’m not
saying that God will answer all your prayers (I don’t know this), but the prayer itself certainly has a
positive effect on each of us. People believe in the power of prayer, and as you know – faith works
wonders. This helps a person feel – and really be – happier.

Think about it…
The unlucky ones tend to blame others for their misfortunes, whether it is another person, the world
or an undefined higher power.
Real lucky people take active action to improve their situation. They do not complain about bad luck
but take it in their own hands.
Which group do you belong to?


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