How to deal with failures

"People are deriving from balance not what happens, but how they react to what is happening." — Maxwell Maltz


Most of us dramatizes about everything in their lives going on. As a result, minor problems take the cosmic dimension and become life-threatening crises. A slight disappointment turns into deep depression. And so on.

For a trader, taking everything to heart is clearly a dangerous habit. It causes a too strong response to what is happening. The results tend to deplorable. The very strong depressed due to the failure, for example, of the first business meeting for potentially interested partners, can give the dice the ambition.

Hence, an effective entrepreneur should begin to transform the habit of dramatyzowania into the habit of seeing "bad" events in meaningful perspectives — that is, simply, seeing things as they actually are; Not such as to create or will unlimited mind mirror.

And this is really simple: by asking "how important is this event, which is just a part of my long life?" How relevant will it be for a week? Per month? For a year? What is the meaning in the context of what I? "

Probably none. And if you're talking about the so-called. The failures…

Errors. The necessary stage of development

The man is best learned from mistakes — we all know it. But usually the experienced mistakes we keep in my head too long. By that we start to equate with them. And in practice they are the means to the goal (which is development), not an end in itself. Once you have experienced them, you have drawn conclusions, you should forget them.

Why? Because if we deliberately rozpamiętywać mistakes, failures and failures, to feel guilty of their cause, then we inadvertently make them a "goal" kept in consciousness. Effect? Replay of entertainment. Instead of avoiding, we repeat the error again.

So again: The failures you have to forget. Midis once Otto Graham, a great quarterback of the Cleveland Browns football team, what is the most important feature of good futbolisty. He replied: "Damn short memory." As the Browns and skilled athletes claim to win the football, you have to possess the ability to immediately forget about the balls that had a chance to intercept, but which they did not seized… and thus focus on the current "goal", That is to take over the next ball thrown in his direction.

That's why my short advice: forget the past mistakes and go ahead. For what you already have, you have no influence. What it will be, yes.

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