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What is the ultimate goal? Let's see if you can discover it. Here are some questions and exercises that you can perform regularly to keep yourself on the right course.

I still ask myself the same questions. I ask thousands of people and often change their lives. Let's start with this:

What are the five core, most important values in your life?
What do you care about?
What do you mean?
What do you believe in? Sincerity? Love? Compassion? Generosity? Courage? Perseverance? Honesty?
What are your basic values and virtues?

They are the core of your personality. They are the foundation on which you are building life. We know that the best people know well what their values are.

The second technique is to use 30 seconds to make a quick list.
Write in 30 seconds the three most important goals of your life.

We found that if you only have 30 seconds to write them down, your subconscious mind offsets everything else by pushing on the surface only the most important things.

Another question: What would you do, how spędziłbyś life, if you learned that you have only six months ahead?
If you heard that you have an incurable illness and you have lived in health for half a year, then suddenly you die, how spędziłbyś this time?

The answer to this question will reveal your true values and what you consider important. You'll find out what you care about.
The other question is: What would you do, what zmieniłbyś in your life, if you had won one million euros in cash tomorrow?

You have a million and you can do whatever you want, go out, take care of anything. In other words, if you had all the money of the world and could freely choose the future, what you different than you do today?

The truth is that no matter what you answer, you can probably accomplish this. You don't even need a million euros. This question will let you realize what you really want.

The fifth question is about what you always wanted, but afraid to try. What you wanted to do, but powstrzymałeś? Advance? Gain a degree? Become a speaker? Open a company? Get a state job? What you always wanted, but afraid to try?

This can be your diamond field. A place where you could find a field of excellence.

Question 6: What actions have the strongest sense of importance in life? What makes you feel respectful and have a high self-esteem? What makes you feel great? This can show you what you really should do in life.