Masters of Feng Shui for defense against evil vibrations often use animals, or actually their figurines or pictures with their image. They not only protect, but also evoke good winds, and with them prosperity.


Symbolizes success. A picture with one turtle or his figurine (preferably placed in a vase filled with water) will support you in your pursuit of professional goals. It is best to put it in the northern corner of the room.


means a high position. It is desirable to have nine of them: eight red or gold and one black for the extraction of negative energy. If you do not have a suitable image, you can replace it statuette two fish. Their symbol will open the "Dragon Gate" considered as a promotion gate, and their number – two – make the force of the symbol Spotęgowana. Fish are best "feel" in the southern part of the room.


Will affect your account status. If you want to increase your company's turnover, three Chinese coins are tied with a red ribbon on the handle on the inside of the door (coins have holes). They will symbolize the influx of money into your life.


To the place where he "lives", brings money. The frog should be put so that she gazed at the interior of the room.


It ensures harmony in people's contacts. The heat energy of the crystal (for example, Oszlifowanego and in the form of small balls) suspended in the window will help you to arrange a good relationship with your colleagues.