Clothes, trinkets, gadgets all the things we love are taking away the space and zagracają the apartment. Holding something because once useful to do nothing leads. Especially because most of the forays are never useful. Getting rid of things is never easy, but after this procedure we will be able to breathe full of breastfeeding.
How to start?
Unfortunately, the best way to turn off emotions is first. It's not easy but it can work like a catharsis. Take every thing to your hand and ask yourself whether it is beautiful? If not, is it useful or commemorative? The 3p principle is very effective in order. If the answer is negative to all three questions is left to throw or surrender. If you are not sure what to do and have dilemmas, pack these things in the box and write the date on the poodle. Take it to your basement, garage or store at the bottom of your wardrobe. After three months remove the box and review it again. Is this time thought about these things? Were you needed? If not, you guess what to do with them. Just don't keep this box too long! Because it will be already in this place by the sitting and nothing will change.
It's unnecessary To me
If something is unnecessary for you, do not be selfish. Think or someone is not useful. You can throw away the pants, but the baking dish you don't use can cheer someone. Clothes that are too big or too small for you, and not had to destroy, unnecessary utensils. These things are worth giving away. You should give broken electronic equipment in specially adapted points, and out-dated medications to the pharmacy. As we take care of your house, let's look at it more broadly and take care of the environment.
Stop the Vicious circle
It is worth to buy less than then to have a problem with heap of unnecessary things. Think twice before the next purchase. Not after that we get rid of things to replace the new ones as redundant. Think of every purchase, especially suits. Go, covenant, think. If the next day you like, return to the store or order from an online store. If you go to another store, make a list first. and keep her! It is very easy to buy a lot of unnecessary kitchen accessories which are never used. Just what do you one?
I do not have to dress in what I do not have where to hold clothes
Cleaning the garment can work like a therapy. Niedomykająca The wardrobe overwhelms, does not look nice, things crease in crush and destroy. To do this by opening it you do not see everything in it, and some things you just forget. Start with things too big (because maybe przytyję) and too small (because it can schudnę). Even if one of these two options is going to be the case, the clothes zachomikowane for this time will no longer be fashionable. There are also things matching which we do not wear for certain reasons. They are made of poor material, do not fit in US or simply have stopped liking. It also contributes to the fact that we don't have what to wear, with the closet stuffed to the limit. If you are not convinced, use the three-monthly cardboard method beforehand. I wonder if at all to him zajrzycie by this time.