Every action brings me to wealth

In the previous article, the action plan for each dream seeker was carefully described.

One of the tips is: Be thankful that your vision is already realizing.

Never zastawiałam what it means. In fact, I often perceived the uncannyness of the events, when "completely accidentally" something came to my hands, and my surprise exceeded all limits.

In the movie "Secret" Well, it illustrates a scene tells about a boy who wanted to get a bike. Gaped to the exhibition glass with great passion every time the wheel passes. Drew even yourself – with a new bike and a smile on your child's face. But when he noticed that the object of his dreams vanished from the store, he felt a profession and lost his faith for a moment. He forgot that even at that moment his vision was pursued.

So what is this mysterious process of realizing a dream that most often remains in a realm not available to our senses?

You have to believe that everything that happens is perfectly purposeful. It is perfectly designed by… You. Same with events that may be completely unrelated to the case. It's like asking: What's the gingerbread fan? But in the windmill once was flour, with no flour upieczemy no gingerbread.

Everything in some miraculous way is intertwined: even if it is a seemingly one thing that excludes the other. Everything you see and even what you do not see is the realization of your vision of life, which consists of a mosaic of visions of all its aspects.

When we want to attract a second person into our lives and have an image of the perfect reality, it ceases to stay in the Universal Mind variants zone, and it begins to fall slowly into the material world, and we do not even have the green notion that every The small thing we experience leads to the realization of dreams. Of course, we need to have the right faith.

Surely there are some wonderful moments in your life when dostrzegałeś the law of Attraction. Suddenly something happened, "by chance." But try to see how much it had to happen small things along the way to make this event happen.

If you want to meet someone – completely unintentionally, you may find yourself lateing on a tram, the feet that you had to go slower, a red light that suddenly appeared on the road, making Przyśpieszyłeś a step. All these little things had to be found – to meet the person in this greengrocer at this point. If it weren't all that happened before – there would be no such option.

Aware it yourself. When you are experiencing the realization of your vision, look at a moment back, for everything that happened. Look into the past and you'll see in an amazing way that you've been directed to every movement, word, look, smile, and thought to reach where you are. Each of your actions in a beautiful way was put to fulfilling your dreams!

Even if something seems to seem silly drobnostką or so-called. The Malice of dead things – do not worry about it. After all, you know on what path you are – on the way to realizing your dreams and everything, the whole universe and every person is conducive to that purpose.

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