A fruitful sale occurs when both parties gain. Profit is the essence of business success. No one will cooperate with you if he does not consider it to provide such or other benefits. Like buying products. Let so today about that.

If you lived alone on a desert island, the secret of success would be quite obvious: use scarce resources in a way that will give you the most luck. (recently you learned that happiness is what people ultimately desire, joining a business or buying a product.)

But in the world you live in, you are constantly engaged in life with many other people. That means you have to take into account what others can do for you, with you, with you, against you, because of you, against you, and so on.

You may think you are self-sufficient. But look around. Look at the tangible things that make you life easier. How many of them have you created yourself? Probably not one. Today you acquire what you need by exchanging with other people.

I explained before, why you should understand human nature. I would like to pull this topic. Here's what happens by interacting between two people…

Since you are an MLM trader, you want to learn how to influence other people so that they can invite you to business or to make regular use of your company's products. If so, you should first understand a concept called profit, because if the other person does not benefit from you, it will not take any (most expected reaction).

What is profit?

Without wrapping in the cotton: profit is an increase in happiness by replacing one situation with another. For example: Someone is now working on time and is not satisfied. The lifestyle of network marketer like him more and this one thinks that he will give him more satisfaction than the time.

This short definition defines the nature of profit — the dedication of one in favor of something that gives a person greater happiness and joy than he has ever had.

Man can discover a new way of doing something that will give him more happiness than the way earlier. So he resigns from the old way and embodies a new life, because the new value itself more. The result: The man is gaining. Therefore, the abandonment of one, the greeting of the other.

Another scenario: A person can exchange with another man, in which this exchange captures one thing in exchange for the other, which he appreciates more. For example, someone has a wallet of 800 gold and wants to replace some of these banknotes with a pair of pants and a T-shirt.

Please note that both the banknote and the T-shirt have value for this person! In the above exchange, the one who abandons…

… because the essential nature of becomes is the increase in value. One value is given to a higher value. This is a particularly pronounced dependency in the business environment, including network marketing. If a businessman has received more than he invested, then we're talking about profit — an increase in something that will raise his happiness and satisfaction.

This is the same for all people and in all situations. We give something that has a certain value for us, in exchange for something of greater value, which in effect will bring us more happiness and satisfaction. In business, if we make wise exchanges, then we succeed — we gain. If not, we are failing — we lose. On the next similar occasion, we strive to make smarter decisions in the direction of profit, drawing conclusions from past mistakes.

Another look at profit

When you want to sell your old car for 7,000 zlotys, you do so just because you value yourself this sum of money more than the car itself. You prefer to have cash than auto — so you're eager to swap with another person.

But this man, on the other hand, more appreciates your car than his banknotes — so it's ready to give you a car for it.

They both gain, because you get something that you value more than your car, and he gets something that you value more than your money.

Probably each party would have and money and auto. But it's impossible because, as I explained in the previous article, our resources are limited, and we can usually have either one or the other. We are therefore making choices, according to what we consider to have a greater value for us and to bring more satisfaction and happiness.

So one party decides to get more happiness and joy from owning a car, and in turn, the other is that more joy and happiness will ensure its having a certain amount of money. In this way, we use our limited resources to increase our own happiness and satisfaction.

How else do we gain?

The same as I described just before, so you gain when you spend your time and energy in exchange for the payout you get regularly into your bank account — from a time or commission for the turnover of your MLM structure. You value money (and what you give), which you will earn during your work more than other things that you could receive from available time and energy.

Likewise, home housekeeper gains when he receives a product with a higher value (in her eyes) than the price he paid for it. For example, it can be a smoother hand skin (a cream purchase). A smoother hand skin has a greater value from 40 gold that has been released on the cream to ensure this smoothness.

What happens then? A smoother hand skin is what housekeeper is currently keen on. Since it satisfies this desire, it is because he wants to feel better… in his own skin. Pay attention to the word you feel. Satisfying the positive emotional desires is like throwing wood into the fireplace — with every piece burning more and more tightly. So with every such unmet desire increases happiness and satisfaction in life. And so we come to a simple conclusion: we all ultimately want happiness — we want to feel better, to be happy. That was before.

In this type of exchange we take decisions and actions to increase that satisfaction and happiness — giving something of lesser value for something more.

It even gains a person who is resounded-in the context of their own values. She resigns money that she could earn because she appreciates her free time.

So the profit appears in various ways: by making money, by gaining knowledge, through spiritual elation, through free time, and so on. But in either case, the benefit or property increases happiness and satisfaction.

In the last article I explained that every person uses their limited resources (time, energy, money) in such a way as to gain as much happiness and satisfaction as possible, according to what he thinks he will give him happiness and satisfaction. Now knowing the definition of profit, we can summarize the existing in one simple sentence:

All people seek a profit — one thing or another.

… which means exactly enough that every human being seeks to grow his happiness and satisfaction in a way that seems like happiness and satisfaction assured.

Conclusion: Every man does what he wants to do with his own limited resources, even if others seem nonsense.

So for one, it will earn a million zlotys and release it in a quick time, for another it will be to satisfy the need for humanitarian by doing something good for the needy. In both cases, we are dealing with what a person wants to do through the prism of their own values and standards.

Even if one acts like a martyr, devoting himself mercilessly to others, he does it because he wants to. If someone forced him not to devote himself to others, then the misfortune and dissatisfaction had been painted on his face and in spirit. And here another proposal —

Each of us does exactly what they knowingly wants to do, regardless of the opinions and experiences of others, but only their own.

I emphasize this, because the first step to fruitful business contacts is to realize that everyone is doing what he wants to do.

Hence, the task of an effective MLM trader is not to convincing potential partners to do what the trader wants them to do. A good network marketer should analyze the actions that a given man (partner or client) is taking… uncover the motives of these actions… and find out why he thinks and preserves in a certain way. In other words, to refer to the cause of the proceedings, not the proceedings in the style of "time do not earn good money, join my business."

Recourse to the causes of the proceedings gives you the opportunity to gain the trust of every person on the planet… and collaborate to the extent that most never reaches.

There is no question of nagabywaniu, because you reach a man on a deep level. Along with him. You build friendship. You give an offer. Use it or not. If you present a cooperation offer — and above all, based on common sense and genuine willingness to help — then new opportunities will be opened. You start more often to achieve better results. You achieve more by using less of your limited time and energy.