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Building a house is often associated with a long-term process, often absorbing great money or even the possibility of falling in debts. Would it not be worthwhile to think about building something like a wooden house?

The construction time of such a building is incomparably shorter, as there is no need to wait for the construction part to dry out. Ready-made walls are built in perfect indoor conditions for construction. The wood of course used to build such a house is also not from the first better tree. This material is properly impregnated and prepared in such a way that it survives for many years and is in good condition. The skeleton walls brought to the plot of our timber house are mounted in just a few days so that after a month we can already see how roughly our house will look like. Building a house of wood absorbs roughly about three months. This time is unachievable for construction sites of the old Style Murowana method. is the construction of a house so cumbersome and tedious?
Not at all!
It is worth rethinking whether to build the house by modern method.