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The principle of Feng Shui derives from ancient China and has a connection with life in harmony on what it according to it allows an appropriate arrangement of objects. I symbolize the power of the wind and the water is also protected from evil spirits. For each assigned room, there are different rules.

In the bedroom key
Meaning is the number 2, which symbolizes the two people and the double things that should be found in this room. Sleep disturb can wrong bed setting. It should not stand opposite the door or between the window and the door preferably if it was made of wood. A peach or pastel yellow color must be found on the walls.

Kitchen doors should not be located opposite the door from the bedroom, bathroom or windows in the kitchen. Pomieszczeni of the kitchen must not be adjacent to the bathroom, because each of them is attributed with opposing elements; Water and fire. Painting of kitchen walls in cold colours is not recommended. Feng Shui has also preached to take care of the order in the apartment, because the mess causes the dam energetic. The filthy windows warn you of the vital occasion, and the dried flowers before the misfortune and discontent. You should burn incense and listen to relaxing music which allows free movement of energy "