To some people wpojono that being rich, enjoying financial independence and freedom, living in luxury is for some reason inappropriate. Some people have been taught that they do not deserve anything they desire that it is selfish to be rich, that being rich is equal to being greedy…

There is nothing wrong with the desire to possess, do and be what you desire.

When you strive for wealth and achieve more goals, you gain what you want – you are in a much better position to help others and to do more good.

I have contacted with some osiągającym successful businessman from the states, owning several businesses in Hawaii. He once decided to sell one of his companies to an Indian businessman. That rich Indian betrayed my friend from Hawaii during talks and negotiations that his life goal was to create more and more jobs, allowing hundreds of people to put food in the pots (and – If you don't know – in India, there's plenty Poor people).

Remember, you gain greater opportunities to help others. In enrichment and in gaining what he desires, there is nothing wrong, on the contrary.

Yes, Wpojono us all little suspicion of wealth. But it is worth recalling the parable of the talents of the Gospel of Matthew – those who think that this suspicion comes from religious sources – let them think – if God was woulding the statues of a rich host (entrepreneurs/Magagera) – If the wealth in Generality that his opposition? Not! It's not wealth is bad, and only people ill use them and expose them to being…


I agree with the fact that, being rich, more good will do in the direction that others also desire it. You can be an authentic example, a model to follow; You can give people a job; you are using more services, goods, etc. once I read:… wealth should be seen as a means to serve some purpose, not an objective in itself and a source Happiness"

I think that being rich is not bad until you can help someone, because as much as Milo to look like someone is happy to whom it helped. The greater the success you have achieved, the more fun it is to have someone behind you and it helps. To me personally this fact makes a lot of joy and every day feels more motivated to act and further self-development, to share this with others, if they just want to listen. And all this owes ludżią who helped me and showed that you can live differently than I lived so far. 🙂

Best regards

And I, too, see nothing wrong with being rich. However, it is worse if someone at all costs strives to be rich and does not look at people around you. So it's good to answer yourself sincerely to the question: why I want to be rich. For if someone says for example: How I will be rich I will be happy, it can be very disappointing. I support the wealth to serve our own development and help others. Wealth only for this to get social status and material things can turn against man..

E The All-right approach to life, (albeit extremely difficult to implement!) especially when, when taking such a way, it is remembered that it is possible to serve other aid (and do so) and to ensure that all actions are useful to the environment, Do not harm anyone. Nazwałabym is a feeling of warmth that will also return to the "sender". A good method for creatures that want to grow, or are aware of what they have appeared on Earth, because unfortunately greedy on tangible goods will not have the actual profit, because they are stuck in error (in place), for this will multiply the evil patterns By collecting half-fruit.
Personally, I used to I myself differently, and now I reached the stage where I understood that my existence was meaningful when trying directed to a higher ceiling of behavior and affection. Everything takes on meaning. Although I admit, struggling to the various adversities, which is eg. Lack of organization (own), maybe laziness, sometimes the usual physical weakness, which cause frequent movements of plans in the further time zone-Example: I found information about "secret", I signed up and…. Do not znajdowałam the moment to read.
Good luck I wish the interested;)

Yes, poverty can dress in wealth. I think that it will not be discovering someone is, and verify by the action, Doóty move on crutches having legs.
. But do not I to pronounce, because I do not yet understand Wszyskiego… but I talk yesterday with Indian about "Slumdog" in the network. He was rozmbawiony my reception of the film. These kids seemed to me "giants" in survival and growth. I previously read an article Hindusa
In Nesweeku about how aged 35 years he managed to snatch the slums because he liked and learned to read. As one of the few. I do not know how much was authentic but he was full of sorrow… because of Dupokojowego apartment in Deli and that in the place from which people typeed and dieed. They don't want to watch or watch these videos.
And I think again that I met a giant, too fragile giant to discern who he is.

Wealth is for the surrender of limitations. Nawed those that we consider to be virtues. Then everything turns into gold.

It's about discipline and order. Wealth is the efekten of this discipline and of self-confidence. The less we need to focus on Drobnostkach, the more often we turn to the great things and Wznioslym. Our mind functions clacked, Jakbysmy looked "from the aerial", and not So, Jakbysmy looked "by Lupe". Our horizon expands. With wealth, however, must go in a pair of spiritual development, which allows us skillfully to celebrate the wealth.

For me, being rich means possibilities and above all, mozliwośc giving. The more you have the more you can give. I know what I'm saying before the divorce I was quite able, I could help colleague Spłacć long, ransom granny medication at the pharmacy, buy a brother cool clothes, send parents on holiday… I know you can give different ways and not only materially, you can lend to someone your time, interest, smile, good word, so be sure to do, but I am now missing these possibilities;-)) This wonderful feeling of the radośc of the other person. It all depends on the intent, and the way you give and how you feel. Now I try to give the other way but I just richness is for me such a source, the more you have the more you can give, now I can help for example colleague find a course on accounting in order to open his own company, previously I could have it such a good rate to pay, Anonymously and convince with this funding from the company;-))) This is the difference;-)) But I'll tell you one thing, Jek you're poor then you can actually see who your friend is, and that's important. B edąc Rich I had lots of colleagues, friends, etc. Now I can have two people….;-))) but it veeery valuable, which is not the amount and the quality of the Count;-)))

Write so-I for the first I August as a law of attracting at the age of 15 years. I have read in this age a very important book for me, since then POSZERZYŁAMed my consciousness and made some important creations for me.. And although has already a lot of time it seems to me that I still do not alive this to the end. Old thought habits continue to guide me unfortunately. I felt alive and in this ZATRACIŁAM for first when I read the "secret". It lasted a few months.. and PRAGNĘŁABYM to live this day, not just from time to time (they talk about it in the movie "The Secret") also I think it's not only about you.. Such a BLOG like this and contact with such people gives further motivation..

Ewuniu, we on this blog we deal with the secret, assume that our spiritual development is well established at least at such a level, that it is understood itself by what we want to gain wealth.

So far some of us were pograzeni in the so-called. Duchowizmie, totally Zaniedbujac material page of life.

Now it time to correct this error.
Surely it is obvious that the soulful man will not bogacil at the expense of others.

And if the secret falls into the hands of a man at a low spiritual level, it is not for us to worrying the "effects", the ways in which it will bogacil this someone.

We robmy your and rich in August, this way we will help ourselves and others:)

I greet all Sekretowiczow:)

Hi Wojtku
Thank you to distribute the secret of TJ. Wszechpotezne and always working law of attracting everyone should uswiadomic it himself, that is able to attract to himself all what he wants, and certainly a wealth thanks to which everyone can better presented power and strength Boskosci, who is in all of us. Thank you for Wspanialosc and the power of universal rights. I greet all who have faith and Milosciom guide them in my life I also am doing since I secret and believe that osiagne your purpose of life in prosperity, prosperity, all the benefits of heaven on Earth, which wished itself and all on this wonderful planet of Earth. Obfitosci and Wspanialosci Yours