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One of the greatest miracles you may experience as a result of the conscious effort to launch the metaphysical Law of attraction for your own benefit is to design anew.

You see, the Law of attraction gives you everything you demand.


But not in the way you can imagine it.

It is often the case that the new "adept secret" very quickly encounters a barrier of self-limiting beliefs, which obscures his gaze, not letting it perceive true value in the events or circumstances that result from the action of the Law Attraction.

Man thinks, "visualize and nothing happens," and at the same time does not take into account the fact that in our material reality everything is a process and has its course. Everything needs time.

The vision will be implemented from the moment of its creation. Therefore, you should be vigilant as hell not to overlook the important clue. For example, I: 3 or 4 years ago I created myself a vision of my own health and physical fitness.

In the time that has elapsed since then I have been able to get the appropriate information and knowledge I could use (and used!) to achieve my goal as little as possible.

The least possible effort is a key.

Now I eat to resist, I do not go hungry, I have no overweight, I am fit and well built, and I practise on average only 10 minutes a day! All of this was made possible by the creation of a vision and the use of information that "came to me".

Just one time "accidentally" landed on a website…

To sum up – Create a vision, expect clues, enable it to execute in the easiest way possible in your case.

With this attitude, you can achieve almost anything. Please note that you can completely redesign yourself if you think you are missing something.

For example, you want to write books for children, but for months you can not come up with embryonic history. You think you have considered a poor imagination.

So why not use the law of Attraction to create a brilliant imagination? Create a vision of yourself having a brilliant imagination, describe its qualities in detail. Then, expect signs, information that will allow you to step into the best possible paths to success.

Or you hear every now and again: Find your passion and you'll never have to work. And you are in the soul: "But I do not have a hard damn idea what I wanted to do in my life! I don't know what I'm passionate about! "

So why don't you use the law of attraction with a passion to find your passion? The information will appear soon as the thread clew left in the labyrinth of the Minotaur. Capture it and start walking through the maze of reality after this thread, and you will hit the ball with the shortest route.

Universal mind contains everything. Is everything. You'll find what you need, because it's your right and legacy. You are in the caring and caring arms of the universe that will give you everything you want.