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"Hurts" – we hear this word practically every day. We do not repeat them once. But why? After all, people who use the secret should not hurt anything…

"I'm afraid," and we're also hearing it every day. Maybe a little bit less, but also say it. Why? We should not be afraid of anything, since they watch over us the powerful laws and the favorable universe.

So how is it? What happens is that we know, we understand, and at the same time we are still part of what we have been before. Feel free to measure. Today will be about the remains of ourselves in ourselves.

Why does my head hurt? Why can't I calm my heart? Why can't I beat the disease? Despite the fact that I think positively, even though I was able to attract a feather, money or people. Why are my interests not coming out? Why is it still difficult for me to achieve goals?

Old thoughts make up who we are now. What we are thinking now creates what we will be in the future. The point is that here and now we can build a wall and create a new future from this wall. This wall is designed to cut off negative thoughts and their impact on our lives.

Recently, in one of Joe Vitale's books, I met with a very interesting observation: "Problems are recurrent memories." It was further read that they would return to be able to follow another way – the way of inspiration. The author describes his story with the legendary Hawaiian Healing method – Ho'opono-Pono and worker – Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len.

To be honest I was skeptical about any other method than PP, SKU, scientific or secret. However, ;)someone told me to read this book and so I did. Well, I admit that I enlighten a little. I will not zagłębiał here in the whole story of the Hawaiian method, which the author describes. I would like to focus only on the process that results in cleansing from memories.

You imagine it yourself? Zero negative memories, nul, zero, nothing completely. Zero memory of failures, injuries and mistakes and only one blessed inspiration… Sounds wonderful, isn't it? Could Hawaiians have found a way to get rid of memories that are destroying us from the inside? Each of us has many things that you would like to forget…

I've been reading a lot about Hooponopono and I've always met with something like this: "You just have to repeat the circle" I love you! "," Sorry, "" Forgive me, please "," Thank You ".

Heee! "I thought," Something is wrong, the spells tend to not work, and no rituals tend to play.

Only when I read this book, I understood what it was about.

These words are purified. You do not tell them to yourself, but to what you believe – God, the Universal mind, or – like Hawaiians – to the divine power. You say it to them, to hear it yourself, to love yourself, to accept an apology, to forgive yourself and to thank you. It's weird, isn't it? When I read about people who, as they wrote, Przyciągnęli the car, because they repeated only "I love you, frankly, I wanted this book seal and throw into the section" Forbidden ".

However, after a deeper after doctor Hew Len explains the processes that occur when repeating these words, when he talks about how to clean himself up with the problems of others, to help them, I thought, "No no, I need to check it out" (and I'm so that usually I'm experimenting on myself).

And I started repeating these haunted words all day. All the time when I talk, I think or listen to music, I repeat "I love You" as a fool. So far-because the method I use only for 3 days-I began to notice that if there is a pain somewhere, just say "I love you" and after some pain łagodnieje, and then at all disappears. I also said that when I say these "magic words", I stop thinking about problems, limitations, etc., and the images of past bad scenes do not circulate in my head anymore. I even forget what I was afraid of eg. A year or three years ago (and I swear that I remembered a week ago what it was).

Well, I don't know about you, but I see in Ho'opono-Pono a good tool to help you pursue your goals. I see something in it that will help clean up our limitations and even help someone else through our mediation. I will not write here now that you have to take care of it, investigate that it may be better than PP, etc. I would ask for everyone to check that the Hawaiian method is effective for him. Everyone should use this method, which works best for him, because he doesn't have the only right thing for everyone.

It is only certain that as creators we must take full responsibility for what is happening around us.

Article short, but hopefully helpful.

So I love you, excuse me, forgive me please, thank you.

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Memory plays a great role in our consciousness.
I can't imagine erasing my bad memories. Then I also forgot some of the valuable knowledge. Repeating old mistakes is the result of our education and thinking. Everyone has a ceiling. One osoąga more, Dgrugi less and it's hard to cross.
Rather than forgetting the past, I preferred to develop my mind and learn new things.
Then I will have a wider look and proceed to the next lewelu.
I noticed that many people pay someone for such services. They use others ' knowledge to their needs,
This is sad because it is precisely the rich I know have enriched on others ' knowledge.
For me, it fools, but they have some skill that I do not have, that is, they know how to use other people to their own needs.
Tell me how to do it.
My problem is that I do not like to use other knowledge. For example, never in my life did I give my computer repair, I never gave the car a repair, the same Przeabiam home, I build my business and my websites. I suffer from some kind of phobia, I'm afraid of car mechanics and people from computers.
But get me. I hate it when people push me ignorance what I should do.
This is best seen on the computer example. Most often there are small problems, but when you bring your computer to repair, you have a pushed that it is dangerous, you probably need to reinstall Windows etc.
Now I know that if I gave it in the hands of others, I could achieve more.



Very an interesting comment from Wild Dog! I have the same thing, but in a smaller scale. And I know where it comes from.

We wear images of the ideal result that we always want to achieve, ideal ourselves, ideal for this and that. The Problem is that the ideal may not exist beyond our minds. An obsessive attempt to match reality to his ideal imagination is called perfectionism and is the cause of gigantic energy loss, frustration and a sense of non-fulfilment, just to name a few effects.

What is different is (zaczerpnę of Castaneda) "to be flawless" in its action. What does that mean? Accepting the fact that if we take something, we give 100% of ourselves knowing that we will never reach an ideal and at the same time trying to get to it at the same time without being attached to the result of our actions!.

Paradox as hell, no?

Assuming this attitude, we become a "spiritual fighter", for which every thing to do is a battle and a challenge, in which it must give 100% of it. And it doesn't matter if you're going to do it all yourself or change your approach – any action you take is to be made to the extent of your peak potential.

For example, if the goal is to build a business, you first analyze the situation and define your ideal – which needs to be done to achieve the goal. What resources do you need? You identify these resources and measure your forces to the intentions. And then you do everything to reach the goal, at the same time knowing that it is up to you to dish out everything.

What makes this approach?

First of all, it removes emotions such as disappointment, guilt (that you have not done everything you could), eliminates passivity, dream and swinging in the clouds, arouses excitement and fierceness, something like adrenaline in sports competition. As a last resort, it brings great practical results and provides peace of mind.



I love you. Excuse me. Forgive me please. Thank you!
convinces me:)
If you accidentally had the need for scientific evidence (or a small experiment in the field of physics eg. To convince doubters) please watch this video (Gregg'a Braden'a):
Http:// (the link you will need to copy)
Podsyłam link to the first part. I do not remember where (of the six) part is an experiment with water, but it is worth to watch the whole-it is not too long, but veeery curious.
I love you. Excuse me. Forgive me please. Thank)


You are right Wojciech, I am a spiritual fighter.
I lead the war against myself and against others. I know I'm crazy, but it's not easy to cure.
Another problem I can't relax. I always work. I don't watch TV.


Wild Dog!
Are you a spiritual warrior?! Well, WOW man!!!
Look how much power you have spent on this fight, look how much power has returned to you with the bunch.
Think about what it would be like if you are now zrelaksował, thought a few issues and began to create your own world, where ideals would almost the same, where your prefekcionizm could be met in 120 and not 100 percent. I recommend you, you have tried to Hoopono a few days, I promise that you will feel better. This method like every other takes time, but believe me purify of unnecessary emotions, and the memories will never leave, you will be able to view them and draw them from learning, purifying them, robissz just a place for inspiration at the moment.


Wild Dog, maybe what I write will help you someh;)ow cause the two things you are writing about (1. You don't like to use other knowledge, 2. You can't relax) must lie in your memories/beliefs/habits. Delve into it – ask yourself what causes these 2 w/in things.

Let's take 1. of them. This may cause, for example:
-The conviction that other people do not know what they are living. e.g. Computers and if you give someone your repair, will it, so you prefer to fix it yourself. You think that you have to do it yourself, because giving someone something is almost equivalent to spoiling it ("I hate it, when such people squeeze me ignorance what I should do" – I it after your word:Ps)
-Unpleasant memories associated with failed repairs, eg. "Professional" spaprał Kompa even more and you had to pay the next money for the final revival.

When it comes to 2., the reasons may be:
-the belief that time is money > and if you want to be rich, you feel the compulsion to work constantly to earn
-The conviction that you just have to keep working and you do not have the right to rest. maybe eg. Your parents worked a lot and you przesiąkłeś, and parents have a great influence on us.

The content of the sub-conscious is already taking an intense period of time. In general, the mind and personal change are my favorite topics:) in itself have changed very much for the better and I write you everything as a person familiar with this topic from experience. You give this faith or not, but I recommend to delve into yourself ;)


Jny interesting article for toddlers in the subject line, but it's good that you told:) you for a long time I deal with and train people in the purification of mind and I know this method already veeery long. I use it myself because it is simple and my task is most effective. I just wanted to bring a small mention to the article (I hope that I will not be bitten by: P). This method is no longer used to achieve "targets" that we themselves, so inspiration then sets those goals to "the moment". I wrote about this book (for those interested in the topic: You just need to press "PLAY cleaning".


That's what…:) For me, eg. The "I Love You" method is best for solving a problem, just just love it and the solution is always for me, I find (not once so helped me that I would not have fallen :)
It is also a good method to purify at the time of the upset, to return to the state of "zero", and it brings us to a good path to the goal.. No spins, no stress.


And if I start thinking about something bad just try to eliminate bad thoughts for days. For example, I think about something that makes me ogomna pleasure and bad thoughts disappear. After reading these words: He loves you, shivers me przeszly the whole body. I mean, that probably works:)