Each of the ANS would like to have his own Kat, in which he knew to be quiet after work. Some enough to ego an apartment in the block, most often with a balcony or terrace. Others, those who prefer more space dream of their own house with garden. Building a house. This password frightens a few, but is there really something to be afraid of?

Most often, taking the idea of building a house, we think of money first. Can you stand us on our own house? If we do not have (and usually do not have) enough cash or savings you need a house loan. A mortgage with which związujemy for almost a lifetime off the bank high interest. It is often the only way to fulfill the dream of your own home.

Is this so worth it? Or is it better to stay in a rented apartment and not to think again about the fact that you could create your own house construction. House credit is a difficult decision and requires a lot of thought and rethinking many things. You always need to consider and against the mortgage to avoid falling into rujnujące debts, because then you can stay with anything.
Thinking is the best way to fulfill dreams, but to say stop at the right moment