You create the whole world

People are still looking for the source of their problems and failures everywhere, just not in themselves. Blaming blame all, but not himself.

They do not understand the fundamental law of nature, the law of cause and effect, the metaphysical law of attraction.

Usprawiedliwszy in front of themselves, uciszywszy guilt by droppeding responsibility for themselves on other people and on the circumstances, continue to progress in the same, leading to a failure of the way. Still planting the grain of the problems and disharmony.

The Law of attraction works on several planes.

First, at the material, physical, thinking and acting in a certain way, you cause specific causes that lead to specific results.

Secondly, on a spiritual level; According to some philosophical systems (metaphysical) the mind creates reality. Literally – Creates a reality. The mind, being a certain "shape", creates a reflective reality. The adoption of such a theory makes it possible to directly influence things that are "normally" not affected. If the mind creates reality, then all is mind. Changing your mind, changing everything.

Perhaps you know the story of Dr. Hew Lena, a Hawaiian psychiatrist who cureded all the patients in a closed ward, dangerous people for themselves and for the environment, even with them not chatting?

Dr. Hew Len was simply reading the patient's medical record, then asking himself: What is it like in me that I have created this man and his illness?

After being purifyed from those found, it was the cause of the cure.

Joe Vitale, a character known to all from the film "The Secret", together with Dr. Hew Lenem wrote a book titled "Zero limits" and conducted a series of seminars devoted to the method of creating reality used by Dr. Lena.

So you can start paying attention first to the physical level – what you think and what you are doing and what the effects are, and then take it for the truth (at least for a while, until you verify it in practice), that your mind directly creates reality and That all your reality is your creation, the projection of your mind.


Mindful of the fact that we wield such a powerful, wonderful and phenomenal tool as the mind that we can – knowing the principles and acting properly; To do everything; We encounter barriers, unexpected obstacles; Not our fault once; From the "worlds". Yes cause and effect – two worlds; internal and external; Consistency and harmony, creation and inspiration must come to this; And here at this level, the psyche is often uncomfortable; Old thought stereotypes take the top – klops, defeat (!). "Here is a dog buried". However, we should pay close attention to what we think; Quality of thought directly affects our health and life. On the ruins of failure, however, we can erect a permanent, solid foundation for the thought of success; And when these zadomowią for good, wyprą thoughts of pain, absence, failure; and przeistoczą into a life full of harmony, love, hope and prosperity. This is how we create your own world.
"You are worthy, Jehovah, Our God, accept glory and respect, and power, because thou hast created everything, and with your will, everything has arisen and has been created."
Obj. 4:11
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Aptly. :) . I'm waiting, until Dogra August is started and send an email with a greater kawalkiem of life, but all the time will come, because I do not want to be goloslownym and if you decide to put in an inch of teenage stories with a change of thinking it can be a man sklonni believe more in Creative Power thinks if I present someone like me. I would add that a lot of already zdzialalem, seemed to unattainable things, and now it works hard at the Wdrozeniu of another very powerful, whose history began in August already one day in the head. :) . The result already feels, I wait only until will in the whole beautiful glory. Stand, believe, Dziekujcie and Dzilajcie. Sincerely yours…


I'm very amazed, now imagine watching the serial of True Blood, and in the second season episode 11 is the theme of the conversation vampire Cilla with Krolową vampires. And she says to him a wise word, a statement which elementary with the law of attracting! For example, "you certainly know that everything exists, | arose from his own imagination."; Never diminish the power of blind faith. Can be revealed by ways, | That nagną the principles of physics. or break them completely. " etc. Interesting thing… pozdro


"Never diminish the power of blind faith. Can be revealed by ways, | That nagną the principles of physics. or break them completely. " We are facing things that once seemed ridiculous, incomprehensible.. You can see clearly that everything, but that's all in what we are able to believe, can be revealed truth!! Truth that we have created ourselves. Do you not think we are creating the universe ourselves?
Dr. Hew Len proves PRAWDZIWOŚC theory – we're all one! It is the same "mind" or "spirit" as who will.. It's amazing, but we can affect everything around by insight (because we're all that is).

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