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I do not approach the music of this boyfriend. Not just me, judging by the amount of negative voices on YouTube. But not the music tastes today I wanted to talk, but about money.

As the website of Forbes magazine, Bieber earns +/-54 million dollars a year. He sold 12 million albums. His Twitter profile tracks over 24 million people. The ballad "Baby" on YouTube has exceeded a record number of 755 million hits.

The secret to this success? Although his works are judged exceptionally low? (Jealousy?…)

The aforementioned Forbes magazine has published a not-so-long article about the Justin's business website. The editors explain that the gained fortune from the sale of CDs and concerts, Bieber invests in the market-based IT companies and more. Interestingly, his strictly business education began three years ago when he first stood on stage.

As his manager gives, he currently holds shares in many companies. He meets once a week with a lawyer, in order to deepen knowledge about the business and consciously torować the path of his career. At age 18, he earns lots of money by selling plates, touring, and even entering the cosmetics market. He released a fresh album and Covenants to an intense concert tour that would replenish his bank account for some 80 million dollars.

pressure to the lips…

Damn, why can't you wait until it grows a little?

Well, that's what most people do. Czekaaają. and wait. and wait. And this is their big mistake and the reason for the lack of achievement.

If Bieber waited to develop his musical career before he reached the "decent" age, he would probably be barely a few thousand dollars in his account today. Not only that, if they were to develop linearly, or devoted exclusively to music, his legacy would be twice as small. It is not so, because at the same time he is performing, recorded songs, invests in the company, develops business around his brand in cosmetics, and the list continues. He does a lot of things at one time.

However, most people develop typically sequentially. First get a job to have some income. Then buy yourself a car. Then take credit and buy apartment or house. Ustatkuj, start saving, and what you are, start trading, but make sure you've postponed some money just in case. If the investment is profitable, direct its actions towards financial independence.

But honestly? Hardly anyone shoot half of this "idyllic" scenario, according to which most people are trying to live their lives. Error. But not everyone commits it…

For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger began to invest his income in real estate even before he bought his own house, panosząc the flats of his friends. Imagine a homeless real estate investor who spends nights on couches with friends! Today it is rich, mainly thanks to real estate, where he saw a chance of financial independence. He didn't wait, but he did a lot at one time: He worked, put off, invest. You can see it came out for good.

Thus, the fundamental rule is to work on the present and future simultaneously, not in turn, where "in turn" means in the interval of several or several decades. It is firstly.

Secondly, start working before you're ready. This is another rule, which is a conclusion of Bieber's success analysis. To plan what we will do in the future — more or less distant. How many of these plans do we actually implement? Just, not much.

Whatever you plan to do sometime, start now, even if you think you're not ready. Do you think Bieber was ready for such a great career at the age of 15? Probably not. But it started to work after all and therefore today is where it is. And this is not the worst position in which a person can find himself.

In business, traffic is better than meditation. Norman Schwarzkopf reiterated that starting an action in the wrong direction is a better thing than being able to spot and do nothing. Reason? When you start in the wrong direction, you know that this direction you have to change — and if you are stubborn, you are changing it, aiming finally to achieve the goals. In turn, when you stand in place… you stand in place. Nothing happens.


The owner or owner of such a cabinet will be happy to have a look at the massage cream leaflet that is offered by the company you work with. The only thing you have to do is send it, preceding your personal letter. Here bows to direct marketing (direct mail marketing). Maybe we'll talk about it in the future on this blog. Development.

If you work more effectively through a conversation than a written word, then call and make an appointment, where you will be presented with details of your offer. The possibilities are plenty, provided that you do not you solely to create a structure with individuals. The choice is yours. (Remember Bieber and Schwartzeneggerze.)

Because how do you know that the beginning of a customer on products does not decide to develop its own structure? You don't know, so it's worth working with companies and people working on time.

Start working even if you feel
That you are not yet ready

Ready… the target… pal… or ready... pal… The second output gives you much more power than the first. Here's why: As I mentioned, if you start working, you have a chance to correct your actions. In turn, if you are still and still preparing to enter the business arena, then these preparations will overwhelm you with uncertainty.

We tend to assimilate knowledge, sensing that before we start to act, we first have to read a few books and take this or that training. It's a vicious circle that never stops most often.

Any, even the slightest action in the direction you see your future is much better than the state of the place — even if you devote yourself to education. Act and adjust the course while learning new things. Defeat is not the worst failure. Actually, it is essential. A much worse failure is when you don't try to do it in practice — when you don't start doing anything…