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Even the fact that I burned out becomes an inspiration to write. For many months I lived according to the secret of creating my world. Recent times have brought me miraculous changes in my life, health, wonderful relationship and money. It's all good luck with me still and I am aware that it will be as long as I want (and it is certain that I will want to).

But when it comes to creating new things, it is worth the time to check your inner state. It is sometimes so that being in the amok of creation we forget about the basics. Negative thoughts are again beginning to clutter our head, we fear that we will lose what we already have.

It is very important to locate this condition to become aware that you are wypaliliśmy. We can not continue thinking that it is good that we continue to be positive and in general all the game. The slightest sign of this hesitation, refraction, you need to localize, become her deeply conscious.

But what next? Are we in the same? We forgot the basics, not left the notes. So here it came to us and just as strangely uleciałoed with our minds. Who survived this state, he knows.

In my case this is the second collapse in my life, after the first I just started to write on this blog, but it is different. Here I am aware that I do not have to start again. I only need a charge, a reminder. I have not pogrążyłem in anything, I have a wonderful life, I have just succumbed to fear that I can lose it.

Fear can destroy everything, so it is important to be able to be deaf. The faith and strength that guided me throughout my life umilkły, so I must wake them up; I forgot to keep only positive thoughts – so I have to remind myself of this.

Faith and love, combined with inspiration, is the universal key for all doors. They will guide you through life, help create, give a wonderful picture of the future in you right now. You will become your own prophecy, your wróżbitą and a card where you paint a beautiful picture of your destiny.

I already started, and this article is Cichutkim assurance that soon again I on the inner simple that I am leaving the bend and slowly push the gas to jump on a straight in the full rush.