Black Magic: spells for money

Rules and rules of Magic-BHP you could hear about white and black magic. In fact, such things do not exist at All. There are only white and black magicians. I keep repeating – magic is shaping the reality of Self-will. The rest are just Tools. Whether to shape the reality you use energy, hammer, science, mind… You can use it properly and well to create or to Destroy. Most of us are called the magic of the other man, "black". Any curses, charms, etc… based on revenge and hatred or envy, when it has a touch of humanism and propriety, it is considered unacceptable and worthy of condemnation. It is clear. Black Magic Spells however, There are spells that some consider good and appropriate – and I am unacceptable. I'm talking about the magic of Love. If you cast a spell so that a particular person will love you, return to you, and be with you, you are breaking her will. You make it a Slave. This is a magic rape pill. No one wmówis me that he is doing this with Love. This proceeds from selfishness, lust for possession and Passion. Love has nothing to do with it. The consequences for this person enslaved and the person throwing the spell are Unpleasant. If you succeed and break Someone's will-this person is going to subject from YOU. That could not leave you away (at the end of this wanted)-can start to have serious health problems eg. depression, or problems with your spine, or your heart. If it was broken will-hmm… welcome the tendency to depression or addiction. One reckless spell destroys the life of another Man. As for the person throwing the spell-consequences-life with such a partner, the inability to release from Him. if, however, rejects this person "because it has changed". "because I do not love her"… fate will show you how it is to be addicted to others – what you have sent Back. sometimes, instead of love, you get from the person you want to break the other side of the medal-or Hatred. The prosecution of harassment and the removal of any valid relationship. If a person defends himself against your Spell. First you have an enemy. secondly, "you are hijacking what you've sent" – that is, you get more obsession with the other person, which takes you to pose your emotional life to someone else. Third – you fall into addictions, be it financial, be it health or just addictions. Truly throwing a love spell is a lousy idea… if they don't work the rituals of flirting, conversation, charisma, Seduction – Better Let Go.   If you do something, you first have to think about it, then "feel the subject", then focus on it, only then act… only then the ritual, the action will be Effective. Remember magu: you send copies-the original is in You. Each action raises a Reaction. For these two reasons, whatever you make comes back to you at Trójnasób. Rozsadek requires that before taking action consider their consequences for themselves and Others. And the last Thing. Consider what you want and what will be the consequences very precisely. Nobel has established a prize because he wanted to atone people with the invention of dynamite… he invented it to help Miners. When he saw how he was used, he established a reward for those who work for the good of Mankind. Before you do something-think about what the consequences can carry your Deed. End of Sermons. Izabela Gruchalska Black Magic spells for money black magic spells on money spells for money black magic Zaklecia spells black magic spells on riches spell on

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