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“My challenge to you: have the courage to make your life a masterpiece. In order to do so, join in the ranks of people who live what others teach — who do what they say. “— Anthony Robbins

No doubt: the communion with man or people who, through his attitude… achievements… examples… inspire you to achieve your own business goals, harder work, to develop – gives you a remarkable kick to action and simply Helps you grow your business.

W. Clement Stone used the words “inspiration to action.” Encounters with the people of the deed are such inspiration to act. Hence, regardless of your current position in the company, I could not give a better advice than this: take part in meetings organized by other leaders.

There you will meet people who inspire you not only your achievements, but the nature, behavior, energy. And vice versa: little will you gain obcując with the people who are attracting you. These are those who are still complaining, commenting, lamenting their fate and “business”, and those of the EP.

Unfortunately, the latter often belong to loved ones. Because it’s close, one uszczypliwa attention can put out enthusiasm for action. Recipe? Develop immunity to criticism. Realize that the discouraging words that have given the vocal chords of another man have no sprawczej force unless you give them to them in person!

The truth is that people criticized, criticize and will criticize. Their worthless criticism you can take to your heart or let go of your ears. The choice is yours and only yours.

And, wait, I know one way to avoid criticism. I don’t know if you like it, but one thing is certain-it’s effective. Here it is: if you want to avoid criticism, you say nothing, do nothing, or anyone.