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Have you ever wondered how it would be though for a while to move to the time of childhood and… Believe in Magic? So do not rozmyślajcie longer, just let yourself a bit of madness. Convince yourself that the secret knowledge has a close relationship with reality. It seems impossible?

So we will try to convince you that it is different. We will take you today in the full secrets of the journey to China. You guessed already with certainty that the theme of our tour will be arranged in the style of feng shui.

The foundation of this more than three thousand years of philosophy is the Taoist conviction that the world fills Chi energy. Therefore your house should be finished in such a way as to ensure its free movement. This ensures that you household good health, sensational mood and overall prosperity.

Even if at the end of the reading Utwierdzicie the belief that the magic does not find a place in your life, getting to know certain principles of feng shui Sprawicie that your house will be more spacious, bright and corresponding to your mode of life. Ready? So let's get started!

Three basic rules

The arrangement of the living room consistent with the principles of feng Shui should cover at the beginning three most important steps.

The first is a thorough analysis of the Bagua diagram, which determines the distribution of energy at home and allows to determine the most optimal room for the living room.

The second rule, which is worth applying is cleaning, which means that all unwanted and unnecessary items should disappear from home. The cabinet, which for many years awakens in you disgust and causes aesthetic dissonance, equipment that you do not use for months or trinkets collecting only dust definitely have no place in the space decorated according to Chinese philosophy. By getting rid of them, you will find out how positive it has influenced your wellbeing. The third important step you should take while salon in accordance with the principles of feng Shui, is clean air and good illumination stimulating the flow of chi energy. Otwierajcie windows, invite home potted plants, which will additionally become a great decoration of the interior. Dispense with heavy kotars and blinds, replacing them with muślinowymi curtains or leaving a window frame uncovered. Also take care of lamps and chandeliers with a wide spectrum of light. In building a cosy atmosphere, you will also be assisted by small wall sconces, or oozing candles with a delicate, warm light ideal for cold winter evenings.

Colours to suit your household needs

A huge role in building the arrangement of feng Shui play colors. So before you proceed to set up your furniture and will, decide which colours you would like on your walls. Chinese philosophy doesn't give you a single, perfect recipe for success. It all depends on your lifestyle and your expectations for living space. For the exuberant Trzydziestolatków loving parties and events, energetic shades will be a great solution. It is a great choice for the elements of fire-red, orange and the distinctive fuchsia. If you are afraid that the bright colors przytłoczą the space and cause you to feel irritated, you can paint them only one of the walls. People who look for rest and relaxation in the Sowim salon should, in turn, reach for the gentle colors of the earth. It's perfect for delicate beige, green or timeless gray. The universal color, called by the Chinese "Kiss of Life", is the peach tint. It may also be a good idea to symbolize innocence and purity. The energy that represents Yang is linked to openness and expansiveness. It helps to find a spiritual balance and makes a clear glimpse into the world. In the white salon, each of you will be able to find harmony. At the same time you prove that you are not a hermetic family and are open to change.

Furniture Shaping the spirit of space

The arrangement of the living room according to the rules of feng shui is also properly fitting furniture. Since this philosophy has a close connection with the surrounding nature, it is worth reaching for natural materials. Wood, according to the Chinese, opens the mind, promotes creativity and promotes the strengthening of family ties, which makes it an integral part of the living room. Analyzing the rules of feng shui it is easy to see that the living room dominates one piece of furniture set at its focal point. As a rule, it is a comfortable armchair on which the host family sits. All other furniture is matched to it in such a way as not to disturb the flow of energy. Remember that all parts of the holiday set should be placed front to the door. You can set a small coffee table with a soft, rounded line at the seat and in the sofa. We suggest that in Feng Shui is primarily a man and his good relationships with others. Try to set the furniture in such a way that the household and the guests can keep eye contact for a favorable conversation. It is often a mistake to place the TV in the most important place in the living room, which effectively reduces the sense of ties and belonging between the persons in it. From a practical point of view, the room can not miss a stylish chest of drawers, which ukryjecie various accessories, or a site that presents your family pledge. You may also be tempted to have small shelves that will allow you to optimally manage your space.

Accessories remedy for fighting against unfavourable energy

Just like any kind of arrangement, Feng Shui does not can without the stylish additions. In Chinese philosophy, there are so-called remedias, in other words, "space cures." Sounds mysterious? So hurry with explanations. Feng Shui is very restrictive about the issue of the development of the home space, determining the location of windows, doors, or suggesting to which side of the world should leave the living room, bedroom or kitchen. Unfortunately, it happens that obeying all these rules is a miracle, even when you the house from scratch. The aid is then remedial to regulate the disturbed flow of energy. Let's use the example. At home decorated in the style of feng shui there can be no question of draughts and gunshots. The Chinese believe that Windows located opposite the door cause disturbances in the circulation of Chi energy. The remedy for such a state of things are known to you perfectly ringtones, which you can hang in the window or in the door. The cure for the tormenting households of illness and unhappiness can be in turn a clock with a pendulum inherited from the ancestors, which with each gong will odczarowywał space, across adverse vibrations in the room. There are of course lots of gadgets that are responsible for prosperity in various aspects of life. Remember, however, to choose them, keep moderation. Excess accessories or additives that do not completely fit into the nature of the interior will certainly not help you in the enchantment of the perfect living space. So what is it worth to bet on? A great choice is the paintings that are located for each arrangement. According to the Chinese beliefs, those who present solid elements-the mountains or the city walls should hang behind your back. In front of the eyes, spatial images with fields, entrance into the forest or endless sea are well-suited. In communication strings, graphics depicting objects on the move will be indispensable – gonnye animals or vehicles. An important element of the arrangement may be the mirrors, which additionally visually increase the space. Do not forget, however, that they should not be located opposite the door, because according to beliefs, it interferes with the flow of chi energy.