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Creating a vision of your dream, desired reality, is a key and fundamental issue in the "scientific method of enrichment" and in the "Universal Key System".

I understand this process as an imaginary and visualize of what you would like to have, where you would like to be with you, and finally – who you want to be.

It seems to me, judging by my own past experience and having read countless emails and comments from readers that you can commit some very serious mistakes at this stage.

Error First: The vision is too small

Fear of others ' opinion, especially before how widespread "come on! You are absolutely not suitable for this! ", may be the reason why you have chosen a target that is not sufficiently magnetic, sufficiently alluring. So you have a vision that you don't want to realize. There is no real motivation to act.

Recipe: You might want anything and nothing to do with your desires or dreams. It's your life and do not let anyone of your judgment out fire in you. Your vision should be so wonderful, so courageous that the thought of her should be the energy and the excitement. The opinion of others is irrelevant.

If you are afraid that other opinion will negatively affect your vision, keep it in secret only for yourself.

Error Two: The vision is too great

You've certainly heard of one or the other author or motivational speaker that you should have great goals. There is a lot of truth in this: Your vision must always go beyond what and who you are today.

But you need to be confident – if your vision starts to grow and your goal grows and grows, you may have two things: either the vision loses its relationship with reality and it becomes too abstract, or instead of an excitement, instead of You will down and cause fear.

In the first case – when the vision becomes very abstract – it will stop wywyływaćing in you the desired, positive emotions and thus will not motivate you to act.

In the second case – when the vision becomes overwhelming – you will experience the negative feelings associated with fear: fear and doubt.

Your compass

You're guessing how you'll know if your vision is right for you. The indicator of "correct" vision is the level of your excitement and motivation to act. In turn, all feelings of anxiety, confusion, doubt, uncertainty, indifference, etc. – they will mean that the vision must be worked hard.

But I don't know what I want!

Something in you yearns for a fuller life, but you can not tell what you actually want.

Of course, you may not know. One reason to do this is that you never really sacrificed the time to think about what you want to achieve in life. Another reason may be excessive concentration on what you do not want to experience.

First of all, you need to point your attention to what you want. If you don't want poverty – think of wealth; If you hate your loneliness, think of a perfect partner, friendship, and love. Follow the design of the inverse of a situation you don't want.

And when you're thinking about what you want from life, don't impose limits on yourself in time. Work on your vision in your free time until the tip of your compass moves towards joy, excitement and motivation. You can rethink many alternatives in your imagination, never need to hurry.

Good luck!




I know perfectly well that this method works. Although I know that I can experience it in certain situations, I have to work on this in terms of situations I want for myself, or things I want to do. You have to keep working on that.

Most importantly what I wanted to pass here is my way to a good vision, you see I know in what situation in my case it works. Then I try to remember this feeling, this belief, this incredible faith, as if it were obvious, I do not put any effort into it, I simply know that it will (at the moment in which it works for me), as if I knew the future, I just know for sure That so will be without any doubt and without thinking about it. And just this feeling of such a belief that what I expect is some other possibility there is, even any not contemplating, well this feeling I try to remember and apply to other aspects of my life and desires. Just that it's not that easy. In this case, when it works (and I did it unconsciously until recently) I know that it works because practically every day I use it and since every time it works it fills me with even greater faith. However, as I have to postpone it to a larger vision, it starts to appear doubts. And you have to try not to think about the doubts just to recall that feeling. I do not know whether it works because recently I came up with such an idea, but if it works there, why does not work here? :)

And you know when I use this right of visualization, this certainty, and some sort of such a thing that is not otherwise possible?

When I stop t:Do hear people do not believe me, but I really get in the foot in my little house and I get off exactly where I just went. Whether it's a total pipidówa, a neighborhood away from the center, a street in the countryside where my grandmother lives or the city's main street. I just know where I go and there I commute to the same door, gate, wicket. And so practically every day. Because I just move the foot, unless the brother will give me a car no then I am going by car. And to the city where I have all the offices and things to do and work I am 15 km so every day I go and come back. Today I was there as well. For example, today I had to go to the Labour Office. So I caught my foot and guess where I got out??? Of course at the door of the work office exactly 20 steps from the office door. And how I, guess where you got out? On your street… Seriousness. I don't have to have a car. I stand 5 minutes to the foot, I'm going where I want and get off where I want to… AAAA at all, I do not urge me to go there… they are also way…

In the scientific method of enrichment, this is explained how it works…

And quite recently I that I did unwittingly I did this all the time, and I ride for about 15 years already.

So I'm going to translate that way to the rest of my desires.

My advice to you… think if you do not have such an unconsciously used method and transfer use it for other desires :)

Cheers everyone hot and smiling :)


Welcome Wojciech and welcome everyone to whom the data will be read.
I'm new here, I write for the first time because last week I the content of the book "New Method…". Do not I to read many of the content on this site/I know that I have time/, but already what I I, gives me an insight as it is a great and important knowledge.
I am so excited and grateful to you, Wojciech and you all, that I can learn from you. I'm sure it's the right place, time and people.
Everything I read here is clear to me as a sun-savvy. Worse with the use of:-(
Today at night waking to visualize the changes that zaplanowałam. Or-I do not know-wizualizowałam because the waking. It's very interesting what happens to me, I observe myself. In one word, I'm happy to be here. Sincerely yours.


Once you wymarzylam the work. I did not know what exactly to be okreslilam only certain details. Important it was also in order to be close to home. Well, it happened. Do not even musialm to try. Everything perfectly fit. It was a normal miracle! I was very szczesliwa. Unfortunately, at some point…. I changed my mind, I to BAC with not give advice, etc and Wycofalam August. Someone else was adopted to this place. I tried another way, and although Zdobylam cool dosiwiadczenia and I cool people, however, I to cultivate a profession cktory I was offered. And now I am about to do this work. But I wonder somehow that the loss of opportunity, Zrozumialam already dlasczego so it happened that Wystraszylam in August minutes people react. But now somehow bad to me with this occasion just zmarnowalam.


HMM, my biggest problem is probably recurring in the mind of a sentence: You nowhere in life will you get. How can you think of such wonderful matters, since you can't do it and Siamtego.

I realize who exactly are words and they do not come from me but have been instilled to me.

I'm afraid that they will come true, which is why I usually oppose them: I decide on my future. I am calm and full of faith in achieving the goal. I reject negative associations.


Beato, very often, and it happened to me that someone else has made my plans. I don't know for what reason, because neither I envy nor it would be perfectly the same, but that was my idea, idea…, so I think I can still want to have it, so that I don't have to create. One more thing-since it says: Express your wish and it immediately becomes and is on the way to ciebie…to why someone captures them? Maybe after it so happens to look at the cash and rethink the matter again, or maybe it's a warning that it's not for us (yet)???


Thanks for replying.
When it comes to jealousy, I'm far from her, although sometimes I will play such a sense of consternation! Sometimes, in my dreams, I have come to so much tangible feelings all over myself that, according to what is written, it should be accomplished. It may not have time for me.
Philip, I think the Gotowiec, which you mention, is so not entirely because each of us has different priorities, other dreams and everyone is different. Something for me is at a weight of gold, for someone can be just ash, and yet it gets. Then he experiences it differently and he can fool us when observing, the same happens with warnings. My dreams are mine, just like mine is a hand or a leg. That is why I come to the conclusion that I have to do something wrong, or it is not compatible with what I need to work with.
Greetings Spring


You ask is there any problem with visualization of dreams? Yes, I guess everyone has some. We are the compass already tuned, but in constant run/thanks to you w. We the relevant things/, therefore in my dreams of things to which I change constantly colors, ie in a dream I see him in red and the waking blue and never This is not entirely true. Materializowałam Car and house blue and we buy just Autko Silver Metallic. We must count on the changes and be open to them. I wish you good luck.


Now I will she not to pay attention to what others are saying, and sadly it often happens that negative reviews undercut my wings and there are doubts: "Are you sure it is good for me? Is this the right decision? ".
I try to guide the secret, although sometimes I still have moments of doubt. I have just this problem that I find it hard to clarify what I really want. But I'm fighting it, shaping my dreams. And when I know what I want and arouses in me the mass of positive emotions, it certainly is I!
I greet everyone and wish you success!


Cool written, it does not matter what others think, because if someone says that this can not be done it says it according to each other they say to each other! Because they judge and the truth is far from the caller, they evaluate according to each other and I do not care because what you do is not doing it to yourself because even giving someone a gift or helping him do it for himself because it can make you a pleasure you may have other reasons , remember it depends on you what you think and how reacted to the situation, funny word for example. He/she upset me, what a miracle??!! After all, you zdenerwowałeś because you have not accepted the person and you have a story so it should not be! Surely you are the navel of the world, wake up!!! Because you are cheating! If someone tells you something is how you react it will be your case. Learn from all because in each you find something wonderful go ahead believe in yourself limitlessly, be proud of what you have, or be thankful for everything, think how would you have to pay for the salty? Unbelievably you have its still and for free, are you for that reason happy? What ironic that as a guy loses his hand at work then appreciate it, we appreciate what we do not have, time to appreciate now remember to play well always everywhere it comes to emotion about nothing more like something you crave is not money luxury car and the emotion of them related , oświetlę the emotion situation you're free right now, so you'll be happy now :)