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Why am I here? What Is my destiny? To be, or not to be? I guess each of us asked myself this question.

The most common answer is that for love, for the joy of life, for experiencing incredible moments and fulfilling dreams. That's certainly true. If we realize ourselves in this way, we are happy.

This is how we realize ourselves. It turns out that the purpose of being here is we ourselves. Everything else makes no sense if it doesn't give you a sense of fulfillment.

Sabotuję himself very often. It used to be much easier for me to do some things because I did. There was no reason beyond satisfaction, joy, spending time in a creative way for me. I wasn't thinking about others.

Meanwhile, inspired by the activities of Bashara I have written before, I am already convinced that you are here to be yourself and all that. Our entire mission.

If you want to do something, but you're not sure if it's a good move, but in the depths of your heart you feel that you have your own way, ask: why not? 😉

To be in harmony with your true vibrations, with your truth, because in this way you have been created. Doing these things will give you the joy you might be looking for.

Most likely, you will also give you money. If you love to do something – literally – you love it, you will become ingenious. There is no other option. You will he knowledge and skills more quickly and more. The more you have it, the more you will want to fathom it. At some point, you become good enough to take care of this professionally and to do the money.

Isn't that wonderful? Again it turns out that everything you need is in you. Your ideal job too.

If it is still difficult for you to start doing something that really turns you, then think that being a happy owner of yourself, Uszczęśliwiasz others. The whole world, as I believe that the energy of our thoughts never expires and affects the whole thing, you may be grateful for raising our consciousness.

Maybe you already have your family. It is scientifically proven that children with parents who are happy and deal with themselves, and not exclusively children, make these also have a better life, more skillful contacts, are joyful and open to the world. They feel safer.

Try a small Kroczkami open up for your true desires. One behind the other will trigger a veritable avalanche. Only in this way can we live happily.

I greet all,
We not afraid of their dreams:)