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What do the title words mean? No great mystery behind them. It is, of course, about the most detailed determination of your desires. The more accurate they are, the better, because thanks to this man is truly confident and confident about his own wishes and preferences.

Practically everyone wants it, but looking at the human behavior and the way of thinking, it can be noticed that very often they are vague, imprecise and few concrete statements-what someone "wants" is not necessarily in detail and well Specified. You can "want to" succeed, realize the goal, achieve something in life it would be worthwhile to point out that the vision is rather concrete. Moreover, on this topic many have already been told and written, but it is worth to throw the proverbial own brick to this topic.

Be more precise.

Therefore, it is necessary to clarify the differences which exist between the vague determination of one's own desire and more precise. Let's say someone says: I want to have a new cool car. Exactly. What is a "new cool car"? So after the truth, this car can also be a toy, because the statement "new and cool" does not specifically refer to something that actually rides the streets. It can also ride on the like. So how would a more precise term? It would be more or less such: I'm interested in and I to have a car brand Toyota such a color, say the black, its interior is equipped with this and that, its price is such, I saw him in the living room and such, and tomorrow I will go to myself Watch again. Of course, using "such a" or "this or that" means the specific statements that should be inserted in the place of these phrases, because as you know, the personal preferences depend on who likes the brand, what the car would be equipped, etc.

Another good example could be money. We often hear from people these words: I want to have more money, either: I want to make more money or else: I want to be rich. You heard it probably not once, right? Okay, what does the statement "I want to have more money" mean? Honestly speaking, nothing in itself. More does it mean how much? 100PLN, 200PLN, 1000PLN, 10 000pln? Likewise, "I want more money". How much more? 5PLN, 10PLN, 200 000pln? Going further. "I want to Be rich" – how would it be for someone to feel like a rich? You see, for the homeless 10PLN is already rich, for someone else it may be 1000pln and yet for another it will be 5 000 000pln. And this statement in itself does not mean anything specific, so it is also important to define it precisely.

Somebody can also say: I want to have a house. Great app. Only again is one snag. What would be the house, how many rooms, where it would be located, the garden too, etc. etc.? If someone says "I want to have a house" is in the game also enters and hovel. Noting that the house is to be such a, the yard is supposed to have so much and so much, the room is to be so much and so much, the color of its orange, necessarily must be a new house, located in such, and not another place it is already more defined and this one is precise.

"The more accurate you are, the better you focus your thoughts and actions towards what you intend to accomplish. This will make you realize your goal and achieve success. "

The above examples had slightly visualize differences between ogólnikami and concrete. Why is it so important? Because the more detail and detail you have about what you desire to experience in your life and what you want, the more you ukierunkowujesz on actions to bring you closer to what you expect. And it's not just when it comes to car, money or home. These can be ordinary everyday things like probably eating a candy. If you say: Zjadłbym candy, then well… There are all sorts of candies and there are thousands of them and not everyone who falls in your hands, must taste you. If you find that "I fancy a toffee" this is already a concrete. With a thousand kinds of candies you know exactly which you want to eat.

So be precise and define exactly what you want, because you can not necessarily get from life what suits you in 100%. The goal and success is achieved by having particulars, not fantasy.