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How do I earn money? The answer to “go to work” is no longer so obvious nowadays. With a computer with Internet access we are able to perform many works at a distance without moving from the house even to a step. They don’t necessarily have to be tricky – making money online can all of us. This can be an excellent way to earn money from a fixed salary, or earn money at a time when we don’t have the opportunity to go to work. This form of money is often used by students who do not have the opportunity to take up work during the day.

Here are some ideas on how you can make money online.

Making money on clicking on ads, reading e-mails, filling in surveys

To make money in this way, use the appropriate services and register for them to be able to get started. This is not a way of obtaining large income-the wages we get, is at most a dozen zlotys per month, hence this way of earning is practiced mainly by young people who want to earn money.

Writing texts on request

… so called Copywriting. It consists of writing texts on blogs, articles, but also those positioning websites. You don’t have to be a writer – you just have the ability to quickly write and have a little bit of creativity. Orders can be obtained in a very diverse way-both by selling the texts of the platform, and reviewing advertisements placed on the internet and offering their services. Beginner copywriter can also try to create your own portfolio – it will make it much easier for you to get orders, and that in the eyes of potential principals it would seem more credible and reliable. The earnings of copywriters are very diverse – from a few hundred zlotys to several thousand per month, depending on the number of orders executed. This kind of work can therefore be a way to earn a few hundred dollars to make a home budget, but it can also be a full job.

Your own blog, website or YouTube channel

This method allows for relatively high profits, but requires a considerable amount of work and time before they can be obtained. By running a popular blog or YouTube channel, we can make money by placing ads on them, selling gadgets, or promoting certain products. The most important thing about this method is that it is best to write or create videos about what we are actually interested in and how we like to talk about it. Otherwise it may be that the ideas are exhausted fairly quickly, and the material that we create will be uninteresting and unremarkable to the recipient. A beginner’s blog or video channel must also be able to promote in a proper way to attract enough crowds that it will be profitable at all. So it’s not a way for everyone – you just have to like this attachment. However, if we like the idea of writing a blog, or in front of the camera we feel like the proverbial fish in the water – definitely worth a try.

Computer Graphics and programming

The services of computer graphic designers and programmers nowadays are included in the price, and orders are certainly not missing. Wages are also very diverse in this area-depends on the amount of work we do, as well as the type of orders and our experience. To start doing this kind of work, you need to acquire some skills – not everyone can start it right away. If creating graphics has always been our hobby, or it does not have secrets before us-just create a portfolio and look for orders that we are able to perform. This kind of work can definitely be the main source of maintenance and can make a relatively large profit.

Sale of Handicrafts

Handmade jewellery and home decorations are becoming more popular and more appreciated. There are even special platforms for the sale of this type of product. Hand-made things are the opposite to popular, cheap and original copies that can be bought at any store, and people increasingly appreciate the uniqueness of handicrafts. We can perform jewellery, draw portraits, paint pictures or sew clothes – the possibilities are almost limitless, the most important is an interesting idea.


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