Autosuggestion and the Law of Attraction

Autosuggestion is a suggestion, so much that it’s directed toward you. Sometimes the’s suggestion can kill any hopes or re-resurrect them. One question sown in the mind, sprouts to enormous size, przysłaniając the ultimate goal.

Conversely, a positive suggestion can sprout as a miraculous belief in the realization of whatever you want.

Unfortunately, we cannot protect ourselves from the suggestions bombardującymi us every day, because they are everywhere, most often added by the way – casually.

But we can self-drive each day with positive suggestions or questions that target on success. And these we can choose ourselves.

The law of Autosuggestion therefore works with the Law of Attraction, when starting to believe something, you attract it to yourself with double force.

It is like a wind that directs the sailboat to the east or west, corresponding to the sails of your mind.

It is a great expression in Strofach:

“If you think you defeated, you’ll be defeated.
If you think you do not dare to do anything, that will be the case too.
If you want to win, but you think you will not succeed,
Almost certainly lose.

If you think you lose, Jużeś lost.
Because in the world in which we live,
Success comes from the will of man-
The whole lies in his mental attitude.

If you think you Zdeklasujesz, Jużeś outclassed.
You have to think boldly to get up.
You have to be confident before
You will ever earn a reward.

Victories in life do not always belong
To stronger and faster people.
Sooner or later wins this,
Who thinks he wants to win. ”

These words agree with the content of the scientific method of enrichment, in which first, recognizing themselves as the holder of all goods, slowly enter into their possession.

I greet warmth,

I’ve been in a bad mood for the week and just got on your blog. After reading a few posts, I actually feel better. However, I think that we are mostly so limited in reality that even when we start to comprehend what was written here-we really do not know how to change right away, ie. Our approach. People love to suffer, love to have a feeling that they have lost something, or they can lose “forever”, that something will not return, and they’ll be deprived of any chance or happiness. It is indeed an illusion. I realize this, but even though I cannot mastered such sentiment. I am not even talking about the fact that we are raised in such a mentality that not everything can be. I am concerned about interpersonal relationships. For example, when Someone who loved, pogrążamy in despair, dies. Isn’t our selfishness, US lacking understanding? I do not know. Can somebody help me to tell you how to do it all?

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