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Ok, you know, then, how to attract new people to your environment.

But now arise the questions:

Why do we have people?
What relationship with the law of attraction do they have for you?

When you start to learn the secret when you notice the first signs of his action in your life, you get a bad kick for further efforts. However, many of us do not even believe that this right really works.

It is this: we years in defiant uncertainty, lack of self-confidence, wmówionych of “truths” and acquired complexes. If having the basics of the secret we start to apply it and something thanks to us come out, it… Oh…!!!! Mother Bosssska.. !!
Let us breathe with impressions! We have just done a little miracle…!

It’s a shock to us, something we weren’t prepared for.

Then – perversely – soon after a short time we stop believing in what we happened. The vapors of the former blockages wrap us eyes and ears, squeeze through the nose into our subconscious. Gradually, we reject in our thoughts what we have just succeeded.

Did you not have the two?

So I had twenty times.

Every time I had to take a handful anew.

But every time I was getting easier

What was easier for me to struggle with my subconscious mind?

Suitable people.

“Whoever with the wise stops, acquires wisdom.” — the Scriptures, the Book of Proverbs

I attracted the right people. Using the described rules, techniques. I visualised them myself. I believed they would come. And they came. Some – the new ones – appeared out of nowhere. Others have been with me for years, but just now have discovered the same impulse to change their lives! We support you every day. (Until I smile, as I now think about them)

And guess what?

Since we are striving together to learn the law of attraction, we are going to get 10 times faster than each individual. Serio. It’s something amazing!
It is as if you were healthy with a long and hard sickness within an hour! Imagine it…

And after that you just need the right people:

  • To help wade the most difficult beginning of the path of the secret;
  • To support you in case of failure;
  • To share their experiences and draw conclusions;
  • To go to luck at 500 km/h instead of 50 km/h!
  • and also: for whom to live

“In donating to a friend the most beautiful is that what comes to us is always better than what we give. We receive a much more generous response than our actions. “— Orison Swett Marden

Now, you’ll notice one very important thing: you already have the right people around you!


Here! On this website, on this blog. So just. Think: Most of us, peeking here, have the desire to change your life. Some are in the process, some have already changed them. Generally, we have the same goal. Everyone has their experiences associated with the secret, failure, success, refraction, euphoria… We have a perfect, ideal group of people to be assisted. I realized it one day and each of you for a moment it capacity.

Feel the fact that we have all a common goal. Imagine us: These nearly twelve thousand people (so many people read this blog). Imagine and feel like we all go on this magical walk to success… laugh going, talking to ourselves and we are happy!

Twelve thousand good friends go together

Do you have it before your eyes?

Light Thread! But the power, no no?


Keep this picture as long as possible in your mind…

Now from another barrel.

I know that each of you is wrong. Every thing sometimes does not succeed. For the moment, I have good news: if you bear a really powerful failure, if you have indeed a solid trouble, then honestly you envy why?

Let the classroom answer for me:

“When God wants you to make a gift, I usually wraps it into trouble. The greater the gift you receive, the greater the trouble God masks him. “– Norman Vincent Peale

“Every failure carries a seed of equal or even greater benefit.” — Napoleon Hill


The secret works.
I had to torture myself to convince my analytical mind that ot yes I can believe in something, to imagine and once two, I will fall from heaven. But you know what.. It really works. Wojciech and Radek know that there is a need for a really strong faith! But that’s really unwavering!
Proof… hmmm… once: Per month I am leaving for the desired studio to Zurich, two: I will not pay for more than 5 years a penny for the apartment in this horribly expensive country which is Switzerland, three: Yet I will get a lot of coins, four: I will have a free course German language, five: Free Spanish course, six: a diploma from the University of Zurich, which is one of the best universities in Europe and the world, Seven: Science here is the science of the Alps, amidst beautiful views, or not Pleasure stroll with a book tasting truest Swiss chocolate…?

How did I do that?
I applied the secret. Oh yes I just applied it.

Not once I wrote to Wojciech Rozżalona, asking let me explain how I have the whole secret to apply.. Well, I succeeded.. Went better and faster than I expected :-)

I like Aldona crawling although I know the secret of a long time it somehow lacked my motivation to start working but rather those dreams time for their realizations. One of my mlodzienczych dreams Spelnilo after 30 years, a little too long now I do not have so much time, maybe even I am the oldest enthusiast of the secret?

My child came to me using the Law of Attraction. After a year of effort, the first pregnancy poroniłam, and then I took it hard for myself. I have found that every event in life has a meaning for us, and every lesson is valuable to us. I decided to do this lesson well. Wanting to become a mother I had to take care of myself-I changed my diet, I took care of emotions-mute, calm, umiejetne coping with stress, movement. And besides, właczyłam the law of attraction – like the Indians of a certain tribe, Siadałam and Medytowałam, asking the soul of a child to come to me. Then imagined yourself pregnant, then as Tule in the arms of the child. I started buying tiny baby clothes and accessories – Myślac about the fact that I’m really pregnant. Well, it happened – after two months (and not two years), the Ciażowy test showed two strokes!!! My son for 2 weeks will end old:) if you need advice, then when trying to get a baby, very much depends on the emotion. Not without reason many conception happen on vacation, when people rest, they are relaxed and wyluzowani. Think about your emotions, care yourself, like a child, and you’ll see that you will soon be caring for your little. Good luck!!!