Attracting money

Locks on finance are related to:

-The potential of which value added is taken,

-Recognizing what our possibilities are, the fear of loss and fear of money itself

-is pleased to give a cool job and its fruits

-With the necessity of changing habits and beliefs, with fear of changing the environment

-with the lack of openness to people, problems with human relationships-with the keeping of grief for people, ourselves, tamowaniem creativity

-with a lack of sober gaze at the situation, the lack of vision of his business and the work that gives profit

-with a lack of happiness and fulfillment in what you do, in harmony

How to Attract money

In my experience, the common financial blocks lie on the base chakra, the Weave and the throat: it is when you do not know how to use your talents and abilities, you have little punching force to do something and you feel sorry for all that are Which simultaneously hinders communication with customers.

There is also a lot of customers who have some financial problems, but their troubles arise from emotions, relationships with other people. There is often a disturbed sexual sphere, and it is only to be healed, and you can expect to improve your income.

This disorder can most be seen on the sacral chakra, heart, throat. In fact, however, it is best to recognize these blockades by themselves, thanks to meditations, energy sessions and workshops of my production.

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