Attracting customers

To be successful in internet marketing, you need to know what attracts the most valuable potential customers to your blog or website.

I will immediately say that this is not a presentation of the idea of network marketing and the great earning opportunities offered by the average blacksmith. It is also not a description of your company and its amazing, exclusive products. Certainly not a description of the possibility of a compensation plan, and the photos of luxury cars and foreign dreams trips.

We all have a built in brain special radar

The brain of every human being is equipped with a structure located in its centre, called the body of limbic. This is an evolutionary oldest part of the brain responsible for the basic functions of biological survival.

What relationship does what I wrote above, attracting potential customers to your website?

To survive, every animal must constantly be ready to rescue his life, to defend or flee. Therefore, it continually scans the environment for potential threats and does so automatically. The brain analyzes the flowing data from the senses, compares them with saved hazard patterns, and raises the alarm in any case where the current pattern in the memory bank matches the received sensory data. The Limbiczne body, also called the “Gadzim Brain”, is responsible for these functions.

Of course people work on a higher intellectual level, but biologically we have been endowed with an identical mechanism, therefore what attracts perfect candidates for co-workers and customers to your side are definitions of problems.

Potential customers attract definitions of problems

The human brain is designed to continuously scan the environment in search of sources of potential trouble. It immediately reacts and focuses attention on them in a completely automated way.

Imagine you are walking the sidewalk through the city. You admire the shopping sites, you observe trees, people, cars, houses. All your senses are immersed in a fabulous kaleidoscope of sounds, images and other stimuli. But in this incredible wealth of information your brain will immediately notice the obluzowaną lid of the sump or some eyesore in which you would not want to wdepnąć.

Your brain is constantly working to avoid potential threats before it might be dangerous, and if something goes on your radar, it immediately initiates an alarm and brings conscious attention to the source of the problem. And yet your first task to perform as a marketer is to capture the attention of a potential customer. If you do not succeed, then absolutely no matter what you will do afterwards.

So – what attracts customers to your website? Problems. The person you want to attract yourself scans the Internet in search of solutions for your problems. Therefore, you must first find out what are the problems, and then catch it with precise, precise description. The company’s compensation plan. Not a description of sensational products. No photos of luxury cars.

Take a look at how they use the main media principle: newspapers and television. Take a look at the kiosk site. Note what the news on TV begins.

Problems, problems, problems

To attract the most valuable people to your business, you must first find out who your ideal customer is. Just having some idea about your potential clients, we can determine more or less exactly the range of problems that we face in order to offer our own solutions and offer them next.

Define the most important problem or the whole range of problems, signal them to the blog or in their promotional materials, discuss them in detail – will allow you to activate the radar that was mentioned at the outset, and attract A precisely chosen target group with which you will have the best chance of doing business.

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