Amulet of Wealth

In attracting wealth can help us with many items considered to be happy for business and raising money.
Probably the most popular such subject is a red purse.
The best thing to do is get from someone as a gift, then its power is the biggest. If we want to receive such a gift, it is worthwhile to give them the opportunity to understand that we would do something like that. If we hand a gift in the form of a red wallet it is not forget to put in it though one coin to enhance its operation.
It is important that in such a portfolio does not carry old receipts, or bills or deleted tickets, with no more credentials or accounts I will not mention. For such things is best to make some extra case and store them there, while in purse hold only money and payment cards.
Instead of the proverbial buck fortunately, you can put a Chinese coin in your wallet. This has the plus that our lucky coin is so easy to not release by accident. Three such coins are best associated with a red thread.
Like the red Action wallet, attracting money has a Jew-like portrait of coins suspended
On the wall, in the normal position, and not as you can sometimes read, upside down, or malunkiem to the wall.
It is important to be well visible and his gaze dobrotliwe and directed at us.
Another talisman attracting wealth to us is fleece Feu.
Wearing this rune will make our finances more stable and the way out of the oppression of the accounts is much easier.
It’s important to have the rune at all times, so it’s good to be in the form of a pendant on a neck-worn chain.
The financial prosperity of the House will greatly improve the citrus tree placed in the dining room, the kitchen or where we eat.
If we do not have a hand for flowers and we know that the tree will not grow, or worse wither, we can instead put in these places bowl with always fresh citrus fruits, citrus fruits made from jasper, or hang a picture or a poster with a tree Sprinkled with lots of fruits of orange.
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