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Affirmations and visualizations are undoubtedly the most prominent methods of reprogramming the subconscious. But what do we do if we use these techniques for a long time and still don't get the results you desire?

Today I will try to answer this question.

First, remember that not every technique is just as effective for everyone. Affirmation and visualization uses many people, but this does not mean that these techniques are the only legitimate. If they don't work for us, you might want to try others. About some I mentioned in the mind CZ. 4.

Both the W/w methods are changing the content of our subconscious gradually, by repeating it. If they work for us, with every subsequent use of them, we should be increasingly setting the desired result and thus seeing some changes in ourselves. This is the best performance determinant. If after a long time, eg. 2-3 weeks, everything is in the old, I recommend to choose something else.

Besides the most common mistakes in affirmations are:
1. Focusing on what we want to avoid instead of what we want to get. For example, saying "I do not want to get sick often" we receive even more sickness, so if we want health, the solution is to say "I have great health"
2. Injectioned an affirmation on strength. In this way, we feel resistance to it in emotions and head, eg. Not true, crap! This is just a loss of our contribution, because forced affirmation will not enter the subconscious.
For it to come, it should be simply speaking, especially without considering whether it is true. By such an "additive" we will almost always undermine it, because we do not find evidence in the present of its veracity. Afirmując most often declare a state that is not yet in a tangible form, but who will take it if we affirm properly enough times.
Affirmation is also effective when we feel good and open to it. Therefore, it is best to speak only in good humour.

When it comes to errors when visualizing it, we should avoid emocjonowaniaing too hard. Yes, emotions are important in it, but their intensity should be optimal. It may vary depending on what we see the eye of the mind, but it should never be so large that it causes an unpleasant sensation.

In everything you have to stay moderation. The same also applies To the time of visualization, but also To affirmations. We want to sacrifice both of these things once as much as we feel it is best. Once you can get a bit longer, time is shorter, but it is very important to stop at the right moment.

There's one more thing to move about. Affirmations and visualizations have worked for us for a long time, and suddenly turn out to be ineffective for some result. We are very burned on it and at the moment we consider the best for us, not wanting absolutely nothing else.

We are Afirmujemying and visualizing, but we cannot achieve it for a long time, although our experience says we should be without problems. It's easy to fall into disappointment, frustration and similar emotions.

I think these fragments of "scientific" solve the problem:

"Don't let yourself be disappointed. You can expect a specific thing at a certain time, and not get it in it; And this will look to you for failure.

But if you keep your faith, you will know that failure is only apparent.

Follow the right way, and if you don't get that thing, you'll receive something much more more, so you'll understand that what looked like before the failure was actually a huge success.
When you are defeated, it is because you did not ask enough; Do not stop, and it will surely come to you a much larger thing than what you have asked. "

The point is that sometimes what we think is the best thing for us does not have to be. God has prepared something even better for us (often also different from our intent), and as if we don't want to get it worse. In this situation it is best to let him give it.

I know that it sounds strange and controversial, because we have a free will, we create our own reality, and so on. So where does this problem come from? I can't explain why this is the case.

But I can say from experience that I have worked many times in favor of what I really wanted and what I thought I should achieve without a problem, and I did not achieve it. Still, I worked further and after a while I always got something even better. One example I described in the "stories of power"-refers to an MP3 player.

Best regards
Krzysiek ;)

ps. Together with Wojtek, we are working on a project in which We'll make an easy and effective technique for changing the content of the subconscious. We'll betray more details within a month.


First Holy article, but it's probably already know ;)

Yes that's right, there's a lot of a situation when we try to "Wmówic" zaafirmować or visualize. The Problem is both the fact that each method should be suitable for itself, and, secondly, there is a lot of us in our beliefs and limitations. Ho ' Tire-Pono provides a great opportunity for everyone. Cleansing ourselves of the beliefs and memories that limit us.