Affirmations of money from the book Power of the Subconscious

"Zjednoczyłem with the infinite wealth of my subconscious. I have the right to success and to prosperity. Down me money from inexhaustible sources. I know my true value. To all I have and what I can, I am happy to serve my neighbor; I know all the benefits of material. Life is wonderful! "

"The sale of my goods grows overnight. More and more progress is achieved. Rich with every day. "

"We are happy to welcome your money, use them wisely, for your own and someone else's sake. I can spend my money with the handfuls and they return to me multiplied. "

"I love to welcome you money, I like them. I use them wisely, with namysłem and for good purposes. I can spend money a handful, and they return to me amazingly multiplied. Money is good – even very good. I from in excess. Thanks to them I will do a lot of good and useful things, so I am grateful for my tangible and spiritual treasures. "

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