In everything I do, I try to give the expression of the best quality


I’m a man and I know the difficulties of modern life, problems with work, partner, health, and themselves. Despite the daily struggles, everyone has an equal chance to find fulfillment. It is possible, because there is no contradiction in dealing with matters mundane and spiritual.


Just like any living organism reacting accordingly to threats and random changes, the soul has the strength to help to deal with problems. And as the body healed with the intervention of a doctor, sometimes the soul needs therapist care.


In my work I use the healing rituals of the bon tradition and elements of the Siberian shamanism. These techniques not only heal the body, but also improve the quality of life (less crowded thoughts, reduced depression or anxiety neurosis), healing relationships with loved ones (including soothing the pain of past experiences), and even run energy associated with taking and giving the wealth of the world.


Great teachers taught me effective methods of change. I Do not hesitate to use them


In 2003, shortly after graduating from high school, I went hitchhiking to Western Europe. It was a great trip. I was playing my didgeridoo in the streets and for peace of mind; I was doing the rituals of ceremonial magick. Then I took part in the magic war, which relied on  the strange systems of witches, curses and very twisted stories. Accidents of this type are always the same, full of infantile obsessions, attachment, lust.


I tried to practice many paths of spiritual traditions – from ceremonial magic, Enochiana, Castaneda’s path and Agnihotra. At the same time I began to attend the Buddhists Bon meeting in Katowice, I had visions and significant dreams. I predicted that this path could be very suitable for me, so I decided to try to get to know her better. I participated in several meetings with Tenzin Wangyal, the first was in 2002.


I took a year off and went to India. I hitchhiked and only got as far as Budapest, and then I travelled using public land transport. In Iran, it was not possible to use a bank card, so I had to be in Tehran a few days without cash. When I finally managed to  use my card, I slowed down and visited the legendary Esfahan, located in the colorful, dangerous mountain road running 100 kilometers from the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. Finally I got to Quetta in Pakistan, and then to Delhi in India.


I went to the north, to the tibetan monastery Menri in the district of Himachal Pradesh. I started the so-called Ngondro – set of 9 spiritual exercises performed 100 000 times. I have received a great support and learn from the abbot of the monastery, Lungtok Tempa Nyima. More formally, the knowledge of  Mother Tantra (MaGyu) passed me Geshe Nyima Dhondup. Eighteen months later,  I could lead  the temple, meditation meetings. Responsibility for the other person was an important lesson from that time. I continued to practice and got further guidance from the Abbot.


In 2010 I met – Agnieszka Orzechowska and I am still learning from her many things about the circulation of energy and methods of working with them. In addition, I began to work together with Kuba Szukalski, working on the translation of the prayers of bon, and in collaboration with Paulina Sołtowską, design prayer flags Lungta adapted to Polish soil. The idea of translation was inspired by the first expedition, by the the teacher of tibetan taichi, Steve Frison. This is an attempt to capture the meaning of the teachings of Buddhism bon using a clear, straightforward language. Flags are natural addition to them, restoring human relationship with the earth, with nature.


In 2011, I went again to the monastery Menri to get the opinion of bon monks about translations and flags. They were very positive. Flags were allowed to hang on the holy mountain of the monastery.


During the first trip to India I was asked for prayers support and energy. Result encouraged me to continue experimenting with the transmission of help in this way. In 2009 I founded the first site dedicated to my work, slowly collecting experience. I led sessions to incorporate the features of energy healing, shamanism and tantra and psychotherapy. Shamanism and Tantra, because I use a variety of energy and help of spiritual entities. Psychotherapy because feelings and samotimes visions of a client, are crucial in effective match propere energy.


Each session is different because each person is different. Very similar symptoms do not necessarily have the same cause, and therefore you have to use other methods of dealing with them. I enjoy both meeting these challenges, and the positive changes that I see in my clients.